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March 04, 2006


"Best Series (for the Graham Amendment series and 'torture and rendition issues')"

Call me crazy, but I doubt it will help you win that the nomination links to your broken Atomz search results and some irrelevant posts.

I have pointed out here on more than one occasion, for close to a year, that it might be a good idea to get rid of the broken search engine link.

But as it is, people will click on the semi-useless nomination link to see, for instance, what's great about rendition posts, and will wind up reading this, and this, and so on.

Ditto most of the other links. Some of the "torture" links go to Arar posts, but most of the links alleged to go to the three nominated series are quite random. (My motto: always check everything; it never fails to serve me well.)

I'd suggest you talk to the wampum folks about fixing this, but they'd presumably have to repost the entire nomination post to do so; I've not check on any of your other nomination links or anyone else's nominations.

Whoever nominated me for Best Commenter, thanks! (but I question your judgment.)

I just voted for CharleyCarp.

Now, if there were a "most broken links" category...

Thanks for that LB.

I was afraid you might do something like this -- because I had planned to do so myself, but then thought you might find it awkward. I had a ready response, in the unlikely event, but then Jon Stewart stole it last night at the Oscars.

'I have no relationship to the people running those negative ads about your association with those wild folks at UF.'


And thanks again.

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