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February 12, 2006


"Why were two men on a hunting weekend at a remote Texas ranch..."

Not clear what you mean by "remote." Are there many urban 50,000-acre Texas ranches? It's a pretty prominent place, the Armstrong Ranch, as I posted about on Sunday afternoon.

"...with two women not their wives?"

Which two women? The owner, Katherine Armstrong (who hardly needs an excuse to know Cheney or Bush), and Lea Anne McBride? I'm not quite clear if the latter was on the scene or not. And reportedly there are various unspecified others in the hunting party (which would be usual for that sort of thing). Is it your understanding that lots of 64-year-old">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynne+Cheney">64-year-old wives tend to accompany their 65-year-old husbands on bird-hunting excursions? Is it unusual for them not to?

If you wish to suggest a sekrit rendez-vous, there would certainly be plenty of other opportunities for Cheney to engage in such, so singling out this one for such suspicion, if that's what you're doing, seems to me fairly arbitrary, absent some specific thought you're not yet offering.

It's, of course, possible, but I tend to favor Ockham.

Gary, FWIW, personally I believe that you are never anything less than "indispensable." Annoying--sometimes. But always indispensable.

Ugh: "No cite, just speculation (probably should have said "rather obvious to me")."



"Do you have a cite for your assertion that the quail in question in this incident were "captive birds"? "


I wasnt referring to this incident but the other ones.


Faintly more detail on the hunting party, and Armstrong's lobbying, in the update I just added to the (current) bottom of this post.

Paul: "Annoying--sometimes. But always indispensable."

I'll take it. Please now use mind-control satellite rays on Big Name Bloggers to see that the world properly recognizes this great truth, hokay?

Just read over at Rozen's place that Mr Willeford was at the ranch, so much more likely some kind of threesome thing.

Looking forward to having this 20 word joke demolished with a thousand. Including an accurate word-count.

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