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January 01, 2006


I vaguely remember hearing about Tom DeLay getting money from the Russians about that time but it wasn't for getting them $15 billion in IMF money, it was for cutting off funds for American troops in Kosovo...

I'm not even sure how to google up more info on this. Can anyone help?

Also worth mentioning here, since if anyone did, I missed it, which is entirely possible, and in which case I apologize, is the major summary of Abramoff I blogged -- will this work? -- here (I updated it with the piece this post I'm commenting is about on Sunday morning.)

Frank, Mark Kleiman and some others were talking about the Kosovo connection a while back.

From the Post articla as quoted by hilzoy:

There is no evidence DeLay received a direct financial benefit, but Buckham's firm employed DeLay's wife, Christine, and paid her a salary of at least $3,200 each month for three of the years the group existed. Richard Cullen, DeLay's attorney, has said that the pay was compensation for lists Christine DeLay supplied to Buckham of lawmakers' favorite charities, and that it was appropriate under House rules and election law.

What are the people at the Post smoking? No evidence of financial benefit to DeLay when his wife got $3200/month for doing nothing? Does whoever wrote this seriously claim to be a reporter?

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