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January 23, 2006


And for a case of the problems this is causing, see this comment, and tell me that the people who wrote and implemented this monstrosity deserve to stay in office.

It breaks my heart. And it was not just predictable, but predicted.

TRhank you again. Obviously this was the post you were refrring to in the previous thred.

BTW, bi-polar disorder is still very much misunderstood, and I appreciate your emphasizing the "perhaps" nature of it.

FWIW, I work in the conventional health insurance field working with patients who require assistance in accessing appropriate mental helath care. Medication advances in treating bipolar have been very effective the past few years. 20 years ago a person with severe bipolar could probably count on having to go inpatient at least every 5 years. Now, with appropriate medicine and monitoring, they may be able to avoid that for 2-3 times as long.

The problem for bipoalrs is when they become psychotic. Then, there is a high likelihood that the same pattern seen in schizophrenics applies.

And again, because bi-polars tend not to require structured living, they can easily be too far gone before the lack of medicine is spotted.

One of William Weld's housing "improvements" changed my life for nine years very obviously and actually, permanently. Under his watch, the Commonwealth began to house the unsupervised, de-institutionalized mentally ill with senior citizens. As a result, my mother-in-law's secure housing became so dangerous that we uprooted her to house her near us and ended up caring for her for nine years at tremendous wear and tear on all parties.

Medicare Part D is a crime. In San Francisco, buses are covered with ads in Chinese for various HMO's trying to capture the new market -- I can't imagine how anyone is making any sense of it.

It was back in the mid 80s, when Weld was Governor of Massachusetts.

Weld wasn't governor in the mid 80s.

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