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January 03, 2006


von: Happy new year, and definitely keep the blog posts habit ;)

Happy new year Von, and definately keep the posting habit :)

Since this seems to be an open thread, I present this speech Canadian PM Paul Martin gave today, in case anybody was wondering if they'd ever hear a speech like you see on The West Wing come out of a real politician:


I hear ya. Oh how I hear ya.

Or to quote that old louche supporter of the Greek insurgency:

Oh Pleasure! you're indeed a pleasant thing,
Although one must be damn'd for you, no doubt:
I make a resolution every spring
Of reformation, ere the year run out,
But somehow, this my vestal vow takes wing,
Yet still, I trust, it may be kept throughout:
I'm very sorry, very much ashamed,
And mean, next winter, to be quite reclaim'd.

Anyone else catch the Adult Swim bumps on their New Year's Resolutions?

"John woke on Jan. 1st and felt queer.
He said 'Crackers I'll swear off this year;
For the lobster and wine
And the brandy were fine,
And it certainly wasn't the beer!'"

(19th century limerick, recalled from mid-20th century memory)

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