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December 01, 2005


If only I had gone to my office today instead of working on paper comments at home. He's right down the hall!

Small freakin' world, people, and I heard about it first on the internet...

Hysterical. Too bad he didn't have a nice cup of ice water to throw on them. I'm looking forward to the raft of stories in comments this will generate.

NA, you are? Small world, indeed. Drop in and say hello next week. I'm in 500C. Just knock before you enter.

Togolosh, thing is, I'd just finished teaching, so I had half a bottle of water in my hand. I just didn't think to throw it. Next tim...nevermind.


Down the hall is a small exaggeration...my office is actually in the pit.

Sex and sunlight. You, lucky, lucky bastard.

Ya know, it's funny, but I was in this prof's office the other morning trying to have sex with my boyfriend, when the guy had the temerity to ....

... so it WOULD be funny if the two sexy ones showed up here at OBWI and we could get the lowdown on the showdown from all sides.

Decades ago in a little midwestern town my great-grandmother used to get the news by listening in on the party line - shared by many parties. This was before sex was invented -- in my dorm room by my roommate circa 1970. October ... a Thursday morning around 2:30 A.M. I know nothing.

Video... you know .. we need video.

So, I'll tell everyone the weirdest place I've ever had sex, if the thread wants to go that way -- someone else go first.

Just for yucks. Be back in the morning.

So, I'll tell everyone the weirdest place I've ever had sex...

In the butt?

Sorry, sorry. My inner Newlywed Game just escaped, and is jumping all over the room.

Bob Eubanks deadpans toward the audience.

Well, mine was in Cincinnati, triple-plus-verybad, so you've got me beat.

O.K., so it was a bad idea.

Location, location, location! Geez. You people have two minutes to get out of my office.

Well, I'm not going first. I will say, however -- well, no, on reflection, I won't.

Anyone else, though, feel free.

manual-genital: she was on a pinball machine in a bar.

oral-genital: back of a NYC taxicab.

genital-genital: outside on the back of a hatchback parked on the street in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn during a snowstorm around 2 am.

the priceless bit is that it was all the same night.

a regular commenter posting anonymously. keep your guesses to yourself.

On a floating log in the middle of the Potomac river, midafternoon.

Once, in the fourth dimension, she became me, and I became her. It was a photonic relationship.

So, I'll tell everyone the weirdest place I've ever had sex...

In the butt?

The back of a Volkswagon?

...no wait. I think I did that the wrong way round.

My turn - one evening in the teacher's lounge at art school. And no, I wasn't the teacher.

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