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December 09, 2005


What, no pictures? ;)

Anderson: follow the links. If you're so inclined.

What, no pictures? ;)

Anderson, follow hilzoy's link to Bitch, PhD. So many choices! That "Slightly Slutty" one kinda makes me wish I was a girl...wait a minute. Look at those prices! (ok, never mind).

Every time I visit that blog, I fall in love with the banner photo again. What an awesome picture.

What double-plus-ungood said. And thank you for the links. Loved the mauve(?), like lavender also. Be careful with green.

I don't know why I read that. Maybe I just prefer useless information.

I was kidding. I'd actually stumbled on the bra post via Ogged. Read it but don't recall any pix ...

In 2005, looking at women (or men) in underwear seems a positively chaste pastime ...

I'm perfectly happy discussing bras if anyone else is so inclined. At least, I can ask questions and stuff!

Anarch: having read Bitch Ph.D.'s piece, I could actually answer some of them. At last.

Having been unpopular, I missed all the stuff that girls normally learn through osmosis in junior high and high school. Makeup: a complete mystery, until one of my college friends (hi Helen!) took me in hand freshman year. Even so, she forgot to tell me the fact (obvious in retrospect) that when you're wearing makeup, you Do Not Get to rub your eyes. Oops: instant modern art.

Blowdryers: still a mystery, exacerbated by my having had short hair for a while, so I could just stick it out a car window and presto! dry.

Bras, at least such topics as: how do you get a good one that actually feels comfortable? What do you even look for? -- also a mystery, until today.

Like I said, a service to womankind.

Osmosis, you say.

It always seemed to me in junior high school(not to mention high school) that the girls were up to something but I never suspected osmosis.

I remember standing at my locker one day and the girls on either side of me moved away and I thought I must be interrupting something. Was it osmosis? There is probably a lame joke there.

I asked my Mom while she was fixing dinner what osmosis meant. She told me to ask my Dad. My Dad lowered the sports page and took a good long look at me and told me it was a scientific process which had nothing to do with me.

He was right.

Hilzoy, I was moderately popular, for a Mormon girl in a secular HS, and nobody ever taught me those kinds of things. (I was also stand-offish, slightly superior, and very, very defensive.)

It always seemed to me in junior high school(not to mention high school) that the girls were up to something but I never suspected osmosis.

Well, as I walked back to my apartment this evening past a popular undergrad bar, I overheard one attractive coed say to another [right in the middle of the sidewalk, I might add] "So, do you spit or swallow? 'cause I can't manage to keep it down." So I suppose the technique of osmosis is still being spread around. So to speak.

I remember standing at my locker one day and the girls on either side of me moved away

Funny....that happened to me too. Then I remembered the boy's locker was the door to the right.


I'm here all week. Try the salad bar.

Thanks for the link. I am sending the link to my wife, who is forever complaining about ill-fitting bras.

Plus, I'd like to see her in a couple of those!

Anybody know about some good weeves?

I could only find this one.

I've finally found the time to listen to the public radio interview of Jack Horner, same http://www.yellowstonepublicradio.org/programs/local/home_ground.html>show as my Gitmo thing, and see that it's slated to disappear soon.

His personal story is interesting -- he's a professor of paleontology who never graduated from college -- and his ideas are always fun. I met him a few years back and he was working through the notion that the T Rex was a scavenger.

I'd be interested to hear the views of anyone involved in paleontology on the guy.

CaseyL, you 'round?

While I have never worn a bra, I do have a small offering on this subject. My Significant Other has told me that she never had the knowledge to get a comfortable one until she visited a specialty store. The saleswoman accompanied her into the changing room, and very matter-of-factly manipulated certain body parts as though she had known her all her life. Significant Other left the store with the most comfortable undergarment she had ever worn, and a great deal of knowledge about what to look for in said undergarments in the future.

And a while back, I took my stepdaughter on a shopping expedition to get girly puberty gear (recounted here on my own blog). While that went pretty well, a followup trip with her to do some bra shopping was a complete disaster. I have never felt so out of depth in my life, afraid to even approach a sales person.

Significant Other to the rescue! She dropped about a hundred dollars on quite a few of these undergarments, which I now seem to trip over daily at various locations around the house.

Hi back, Hil, it's Helen. Glad to hear I'm a Makeup Shaman, as the working mom thing hasn't done much for my look lately. Hadn't seen Bitch Ph.D.'s site before - great banner, great post. I myself wear the UNsexy - and fiendishly expensive - Chantelle she links to. ... All of her advice is excellent, but those of us who live in NYC have an extra weapon, The Town Shop, which has been on Broadway in the '80s, owned by the same family, for over 100 years. The staff can, uh, size you at a glance, but the ladies aren't shy about feeling you up if that's what it takes to get the right fit. The whole thing is totally unsexy but then you walk out feeling a) comfortable, possibly for the first time in years, and b) attractive - after that the sexy part is up to you. ... Hil, how predictable is it that I finally post something at your blog and it's about lingerie?

Helen! O Makeup goddess! The person responsible for whatever tiny bit of makeup savvy I possess! (Remember the modern art eyes?)

I too am recently back from Away, but having done some, um, first-hand research on Bitch Ph.D.'s post, I can report that her advice is excellent.

(Guys wondering about Christmas: take heed. The number of women wandering around in uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras defies belief. Plus, while very few truly comfortable shoes look good, this is not true of bras.)

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