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December 05, 2005


Louisiana is now a solidly Republican state, and Trent Lott will get his new mansion. I expected nothing better.

"..collective action problem.."

Whaddaya, some kind of outside agitator? You come in here and start monkeying with our way of life, which excludes collective action of any kind, includin them orgies that you elitists perfessors like to git it on with our youngins ... ya know, the ony thing the gummit is good fer is keeping a close eye on you. Do the words "extraordinary rendition" mean anything to ya, missy?

In other news, Republican revolutionary and orgy-monger Bob Livingston has pledged "revolution" against the Federal government because of the poor response to Katrina. Course that probably only means he's been caught yet again in the alternative minimum tax and the contracts his cronies were expecting to build new levees out of cream cheese and chewing gum (cheap materials, high overhead, big margins)are stuck in some liberal bureaucrats in-box cause the person is too busy macrameing some hippie Pro-Ritalin posters to subvert our energetic kids so they cain't go take a mortar shell up their intelligently designed wazoo in God's war in the U.S. of Iraq.

Didn't some of the Founding Fathers make noises about the fact that if the government ain't up to snuff, and there isn't an election on the near horizon, that maybe some intervening excitement and rearrrangement ought to take place?

Or did they lack the will to win, too?

How come mentioning the Bush Administration's God-awful Katrina disaster isn't against the posting rules here. How can the words "the Bush Administration's response to Katrina" make it through the servers and a simple f###ed can't?

They're synonyms for crying out loud.

Also, what McManus said.

Also, what I just said.

It was very sad watching the events of Katrina unfold from the other side of the world. Might I even say stunning, was the govts (at all levels) inability to do what needed to be done in an even,t that was as inevitable as it was forewarned. Is this another example of the lack of foresight of govt's? souldn't they have had a plan in place for the rebuilding of NO and the surrounding areas [same as for Iraq, cross your fingers and hoe for the best].

I don't find this even slightly surprising. I'm not even dismayed at my own lack of surprise anymore. These people are good at two things; winning elections, and stealing from the treasury. Neither are of any use for rebuilding New Orleans, so it won't happen.

(John I particularly liked the cream cheese and chewing gum construction idea, actually now that I think of it we should probably test the levees that failed for the presence of cream cheese and chewing gum. On the other hand maybe you shouldn't be giving them ideas.)

I was really shocked to learn that the government had stopped searching for bodies in houses.

Imagine this...
You watch on TV the news that your mother's city has been destroyed by the latest disaster. For days you wait to hear from her. Days pass into weeks but still no word. Your hope of finding her alive fades. Frantically you call everyone in government but to no avail. You tell yourself to let the rescuers do their job. You await word from the morgue but it does not come. You hear they are backed up so you wait. Two months later you are allowed to go to her home. Hoping to retrieve what you can..... documents, the precious family photos, you enter her home only to find your mother's decomposing body in her living room.

Like Bob, I expected nothing less. Republicans are constitutionally incapable of giving money to anyone outside of their tribe, even if the money comes from outside.

I do not hear about union bricklayers from the north east or any part of the united states getting contracts to build america.

The union constuction famly in the north such as rochester new york. We have abundamente of high skilled union constriton work force. All the union constrution trades require 4-5 year apprentic ship programs. The union's have the highest safty record on any job sites.The craftmenship from the foundation up! mean the best hands in america produce construction on time saving millions of dollars for the local taxpayers. My family (julian)gave $200. to help build homes for our fellow americans. I would be humbled if the US goverment would ask the union community accross this nation to organize to help build the south gov.buldings,schools,fire houses,hospitals.police station.Union's have build our country in the past from WW1 and WW2. The constuction union families in the united states will be proud knowing swet and hard work build a stronger America which will last for generations. I love my country. My heart acks for the american families. I wounder if my passion as american will open the eyes and hearts of goverment to put union constrution worker from all trades to building my country which we all love. From my famiy to yours Thomas,Ruth,Nicholas Julian. Also BAC Local #3 Rochester New York.

Before I read further, I have to make a housekeeping sort of comment.

This is very likely just a case of confusion in cutting pasting, or it's otherwise certainly just overlooking the issue.

But you've reordered your quotes from the article, Hilzoy, presenting them out of order as written. I have no problem whatever with anyone doing that, since it's the clearest way to respond to something sometimes. What I do have very strong personal opinions about is that when one reorders quotes out of their original order, that one notes that.

This is, to be sure, my opinion, and not Blogger Law. And no meaning is changed here at all that I can see. I'm just speaking on general principle, not on any change of meaning in this example.

I just had to say that, since my initial reaction was "huh? wha?," and I had to go back and forth between article and post a couple of times to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating, or suffering a reading disorder, or Idunnowhat; I hope that it's okay to note this. Carry on otherwise with yer fine work.

Now having read the whole post, I'm seeing palimpsests.

Is it possible to categorize the potential problem at issue as a subset of the tragedy of the commons, by the way?

I'd missed the article, by the way, so thanks for calling my attention to it.

we should not try to have it both ways: having a President who says that "there is no way to imagine America without New Orleans, and this great city will rise again" on national television, and then quietly allows New Orleans to die.

No. We shouldn't. For more, see also this, from the LA Times.

"For more, see also this, from the LA Times."

I'm not qualified to have an opinion, and so it's unsurprising that I don't have one, to the point where my lack of knowledge is such that the answer to my following question is probably "no," and I don't know that, but hasn't the entire question of how best to deal with wetlands and barrier islands and levees in the context of what's the "best" means of hurricane protection been under debate for more than one hundred-fifty years or so?

All I really know is that I've read many dozens of articles on such topics, particularly so in the last few years, and I know I don't know.

Gary: "But you've reordered your quotes from the article, Hilzoy, presenting them out of order as written. I have no problem whatever with anyone doing that, since it's the clearest way to respond to something sometimes. What I do have very strong personal opinions about is that when one reorders quotes out of their original order, that one notes that."

Ah. I didn't know that. I mean, it generally works out that way, but sometimes I make points in a different order than the person who wrote the story. (I do try not to reorder in such a way as e.g. to make it seem as though someone is talking about X when he or she is really talking about Y, and so on.) But I see your point, and will act accordingly.

"But I see your point, and will act accordingly."

It may be overly cautious of me to hold such a general principle, even absent any obvious change of meaning. My reasoning is that, however, just because I don't note that I'm changing another person's meaning when I present quotes from their writing out of order in a way which doesn't note my reordering doesn't mean they won't see a point I've missed noting that I'm unintentionally distorting or losing.

So I figure that it's not too much effort for me to merely take note, by such usages as "Earlier, Hilzoy said" or "prior to this, Hilzoy asserted that," and the like.

But, as I said, this is just my own practice, and violation is not yet actually a criminal, or even civil, offense. (Were it so, I'd make the penalty only a nickel fine, or thereabouts.)

hilzoy, while you're at it, could you make sure that in your quotations the line breaks appear at the same place as in the original? I find doing so helps preserve the writer's intended rhythm and hence meaning. When I can't manage that for whatever reason, I take note by adding "\" marks to indicate the source's intent.

The federal government could play a very important role here by doing things that would increase people's confidence that other people would return.

Publicize that the murder rate is down?

This was a serious problem prior to Katrina, and maybe people don't want to go back to that.

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