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November 26, 2005


My Congressman, Norm Dicks, has stepped forward to repudiate his authorization vote. he is a Murtha-type Deomcrat, in fact a friend of Murtha's. I've been very frustrated with him because he was so committed to going into Iraq and so committed to maintaining his illusions afterwards. In an interview posted on MyDD he said that the intelligence was "doctored". He was very offended at the behavior of House Republicans toward Murtha. I bring this up because I thnk a critical tipping point has been passed wheein people are gong to be less credulous toward the Bush Adminstration, with only the mosst hard core of believers scrambling to convince themslevs of the validity of statements such as Cheney's above.

Yeah, I take pretty big issue with this argument as well.

The irony of the argument that Al Qaeda may have a presence in Iraq because of the invasion, where it has now been proved they had no place before the invasion, has not been brought forth enough in the coverage of these statements.

Anyway, iff Bin Laden or Zarwahiri was to take over Iraq, maybe the Bush administration would finally show some interest in catching them.

Remember that the only reason Zarqawi is in Iraq at all is that the administration repeatedly prevented the US Military from attacking him before the war. See WSJ on Pentagon's attempts to get permission to take Zarqawi out in 2002 and early 2003

After they protected Zarqawi, the administration used him as a justification for the war. Take a look at Powell's pre-war speech to the UN, where he mentions Zarqawi by name more than 20 times:

This administration sickens me.

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