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October 24, 2005


In times of conflict or drought, however, gays were used as scapegoats and blamed for not producing babies to repopulate their regions, according to researchers of same-sex practices in Africa.

And there it is.

I watched a program on wolves the other day. Each pack's social hierarchy includes a scapegoat: the one wolf that the others will turn on when things don't go their way. So long as food is plenty and life is easy, the scapegoat is more or less left along, but when times get tough, the others become aggressive toward the scapegoat. But, and this is key, they do keep the scapegoat within the pack. In the particular pack the show focused on, when the scapegoat was killed, the rest of the pack went into mourning. She was still one of them.

The fact that some humans are treated as scapegoats makes us no better that a pack of wolves. The fact that some humans see fit to kill those scapegoats makes even wolves infinitely superior.

There is a very good chance that the South African Constitutional Court is going to require the country to recognize gay marriage later this year.

thanks for this hilzoy. i loved it.

It's a pretty well-done article, but I have a small quibble with your post: obscure? Only from a US-centric point of view. I realize that the US is powerful and, well, where we are, but let's not exacerbate the distance by portraying places like Namibia (neighbor, after all, to emerging global player South Africa) as "way out there." It's closer, literally and metaphorically, than we think. Indeed, in a sense, that's the point of the article.

I split my time between the US and South Africa, so this is just a pet peeve of mine.

Michael: first, I envy you spending lots of time in Southern Africa. I was there for a bit over a month, and have been trying to find my way back ever since.

Second: no place is obscure to itself, but I think lots of places are obscure sort of generally. And while I agree with you (I think) on the importance of S. Africa, I think that Namibia is an obscure country generally, along with (say) Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Burkina Faso, Andorra, and so on. These are all places I love from afar, but they are not really at the center of many things (even though Andorra is between France and Spain, and Turkmenistan and Mongolia are next to Russia), which is really all I meant.

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