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October 19, 2005


For the record: I am all for dark-forboding tempered with self-irony.

Genus, or mere species? Inquiring minds want to know.

Crap, I wanted to be the first on the "Hating on John Thullen" thread. Damn you Jackmorman.

I went to the Walker Museum of Art in Minneapolis and I think it is pretty darn ugly. It made me feel king of dirty just for being there. I'm mainly talking about gallerys 3 to 1, (except for the De Kooning), and the museum shop. Not to mention the architecture. On the other hand the sculpture garden is very nice and the Chuck Close exhibit is pretty cool.

I thought it was dark irony tempered with self-forboding. Except I would have said "slathered", a portmanteau word from "lathered" and "slithered".

Dave, Blogspot.com makes all obsessions possible and public: go to.

Rilkefan, you might be right. My version describes more the McManusian than the Thullenite. I will need a generously funded think-tank to sort out the qualitative differences.

Oh, and Rilkefan, if you're really promising one poem per commentator, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

A threadjack is in order here (somehow moving from open to shut), but I defer due to a conflict of interest.

But, yeah, Chuck Close is cool.

How many threads can a Thullen thullenjack if a thullenjack can Thullen a thread?

Anarch, you should take John Thillen and bob macmanus to The House on the Rock. It would make perfect sense to them. And seriously, take the drive up Hwy 14 and 61 up to Redwing or Lake City, MN this weekend. It may be the last pretty weekend for a while. Alternatively the Milwaukee Art Museum and the lakefront park there are also very nice.

"if you're really promising one poem per commentator"

I forgot "poem-worthy", apparently.

Anyway, too many of the commenters here are earnest, smart, informed, and reasonable. Not very inspiring subjects for poetry. (Not to imply that bob mcmanus isn't smart or informed.)

Actually I seem to have more or less no inspiration any more. I think I haven't written a single poem since I got married. Oh well.

And seriously, take the drive up Hwy 14 and 61 up to Redwing or Lake City, MN this weekend.

Sorry, dude, some of us have a Badger game to go to. And I've got "academic" obligations on Sunday, too, so I can't get out there any time soon. But I'm fully prepared to enjoy the gorgeosity while hurling imprecations at a bunch of Purdue wankers (:

DaveC if you're still out there go check out The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. As far as feeling dirty goes what did you expect from 'modern art'?

Trust me, the institute is probably more your style. They have an amazing permanent collection.

PS: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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I think I haven't written a single poem since I got married

a common affliction.

A small thank you present for John Thullen.

When I was recently in the Twin Cities, I learned that the spoon sculpture is a bit like a 'mile high club', with the goal to, well, putting the fork together with the spoon, as it were.

I said it was small.

I really like the Rilkfan meta-ObWi poetry, but I note that the honorees have not responded with quite the rapture one would expect.

And I had been wondering what Bob did when not haunting blogs.

Verse, I think, not poetry, but thanks.

Possibly the only other bit of ObWi metaverse by me is here.

This being an open thread...

I will be off most of next week for a conference -- warning pdf file -- for lawyers dealing with commercial leasing. Today, I got an e-mail with an additional seminar on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on our profession.

Specifically, as the e-mail said, "Their cities, towns and parishes were not only without water, sewage and power and faced with environmental hazards, but without bare legal necessities. Land records may be lost forever; no open courthouses in which to file new records; no tenants to pay the rent; no courts to evict tenants (if you can find them); no way to file a suit before fair statute of limitations runs out; no way to foreclose a mortgage, even if that were an option; and no banks."

Two thoughts spring to mind:

1. somebody needs to look up the definition of force majeure in their Black's Law Dictionary.

2. if you think that these are the most pressing issues presented by Hurricane Katrina, you truly have no soul.

I hate John Thullen. I hope I never run into him. But one day I may. That will be an interesting day!

If that wasn't worth waiting six months to read, I don't know what would be.

I wouldn't want anyone to betray a bloging friend but I would like to know how to reach him. I have some issues to discuss.

"I would like to know how to reach him"

Best of luck in figuring out a means to succeed at that arduously complex mission. It's nigh impossible, given his undercover work for the government. Just be glad that no matter his known evil, he's out there risking his life to protect you, and all of us.

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