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September 04, 2005


I haven't notice anyone noting here that Rehnquist is dead.

Yes, apparently no one looked in the attic of his New Orleans vacation home until late Saturday night.

This might be considered an example of privatizing disaster relief.

Here, Gary. It will be interesting to see not only what the WH does, but if the recent disaster has any of the justices rethinking their philosophical positions. I'm also looking forward to the Supreme Court appeal for Jabbor Gibson on grand theft auto charges. Should be fun.

Privatizing disaster relief. Are you referring to this? Let's face it. Private corporations, while they might be more efficient in a technical sense, just aren't accountable in the same way that a government agency is, precisely because it is more difficult to regulate them. I have to imagine that this is going to be reckoned as a failure of government, no matter how minimal a conception of the ideal state you have.

I'm actually at least a bit reassured to see so many people that I had thought to be hacks expressing outrage at what's gone on.

I think people also are getting the sense that when something truly bad happens as, say, a consequence of global warming or any of our other irresponsibilities, our government is going to put its hands in its pockets, shrug its shoulders, and say: "Nobody knew!"

See, this is what happens when you teach pluralism in the public schools.

I am not normally in favor of theft. But I make an exception for people who take abandoned buses that are about to be flooded in any case . . .

Theft, schmeft. His, or his parent's in any case, taxes bought that bus, and if the mayor wasn't going to mobizile those buses, he had every moral and ethical right to do exactly as he did. That kid should get a medal. I hope someone starts the Jabbor Gibson Scholarship Fund, because I can't wait to send a check.

Latest on Gibbons

"New Orleans To Prosecute Underage Rescuer For Driving An Ungreased Bus"

Stranger things have happened before.

Any DA who tries to prosecute this kid will be dead politically in Louisiana--he'll get off with a stern lecture from the authorities at worst, and will be lionized by the media and the public once things calm down a bit. Sounds about right.

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