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August 13, 2005


They are, of course, not kittens, except to me.

Eeeeeee! The cute, it burns!

Catsy -- yeah, and you can't even see Miss Annika's tail, which is like a feather boa, only furry, or her little white goatee...

Oh, they're beautiful.

Lovely kitties. since my dog Charlie died, I have no furry ones in my life excpet my neighbor's cat, Hairy, who drinks coffee with me on the porch every morning at seven. I don't know what Hairy does with the rest of his day. He clearly has work somewhere because he is always on his way by seven thirty.



They are CATS!!!

And worse, they are CUTE cats at that!!!!!

Capable, beyond all reason, of eliciting the AWWW! reflex in susceptible humans! AWWW!
AAARRGHH! Curse you, hilzoy. curse you, AARRGHH! AARGH! AAAWWW, AWW, Cute Kitty, Cute....

Chuch loves the kitties

Very, very cute, Hilzoy.

Who are their favorite philosophers?

Who are their favorite philosophers?

Surely hilzoy herself would rank #1 with her gatos don'tcha suppose rilkefan?...after all, to them she's Jesus, Buddha, Allah and the Divine Tunafish Temptress all rolled into one.

Actually, rilkefan: they don't have any. At any rate, they profess total bafflement when I try to read instead of stroking them, so I assume that philosophy, like blogging, is lost on them. They are, however, most aptly described by Nietzsche (Annika; see 'the weak'), and Rousseau (for the general hopelessness of it all.) If I had read enough Schopenhauer to say, maybe he would be even more apt.

xanax: ??

If your cats have a favorite philosopher other than you, hilzoy, they are indeed very special animals.

Catblogging, woo: http://flickr.com/photos/carpeicthus/20044725/

Adorable! Oh, there is no such thing as "too much cat blogging."

Annika is the spitting image of a late, much beloved cat some friends of mine had. Her name was "Fridge," short for "Refrigerator Door Opening," and she was named that because (as my friend said) they wanted to name her for "something she responded to." Being a floofy cat, she looked heavy even when she wasn't. When she did have a (modest) weight problem, she looked huge.

Don't know who cat's philosopher would be, tho Schope is a good suggestion. Patron saint might be Sam Clemens, who could make cats laugh.

Puppies got another big possum today. As I studied the abandoned corpse(due to its failure to wriggle or squeal), I considered on animal rights and their value, thinking on the discussion at crooked timber. Do possums have conciousness? But they are very ugly, very stupid, and mighty slow.

So I bagged it and gave the dogs a treat.

Back when I had dogs, the various possums who lived near me took to crossing my yard on the telephone wire. When two met, trying to go in opposite directions at the same time, they would stare at one another, and then one would walk backwards to the nearest pole and step aside. Once there was a traffic jam when two families, with babies, were going in opposite directions. It was amusing.

But when the dogs were out and the possums came strolling along the phone wire, the dogs would bark, and the possums would freeze, and so the dogs would go on barking, and the possums would stay frozen, and who knows -- had I not taken the dogs inside, they might have stayed that way forever. At least, knowing both, I can't imagine that either would have given way.

And hilzoy, World as Will etc is considered one of the philosopher's books with most literary value, i.e., as philosophy goes it is beautifully written. Tho perhaps not the tightest, and not much obvious ethics. I kinda connected it to Orientalism. The ending passage felt obviously Buddhistic,IIRC and paraphrased:"And as the Will disappears, the World disappears with it, and one is left with reality:Nothing."

I read it during Nietzsche and Kierkeggaard, with obvious relevance. Tho I don't know if K read it. Holbo considers Schope important for Wittgenstein.

Flickr has searchable indices of interesting pictures, including kitten pics- e.g. this one.

My favorite photo-blogger -- who also happens to do fabulous shots of his kitten -- is obwi's very own commenter, cleek. This is an early "glamour shot" from a couple months back when she just arrived. But she's got lots of different personalities.

And if you like still lifes (fruits, veggies, flowers) and some pretty dramatic insect studies, you should definitely check out his blog. Truly talented.

i am humbled. :)

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