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July 07, 2005


My sincere and humble condolences to the victims, their families, their friends and acquaintances. I just returned from London, a city that I have always felt at home, please let me offer solidarity and best wishes to all there. I will make sure to return much sooner than planned.


That's Turner - his first oil painting - for us artilliterates.

Monet Charing Cross Bridge

Well, heck, I have spent the last couple months on this page if you want some London art. Scroll down for Houses of Parliament and Westminister and more. If these extreme late studies of Monet are not to your taste there are good Turners available in "T". And I think Renoir did some nice early London works.

My complete collection is on a shelved hardrive or I could search for more.

This week's music acquisitions:

Magna Carta:Westies Orchard
Go Betweens:16 Lovers Lane
The Fall:Witch Trials Deluxe
Smiths:Meat is Murder
Jo Ann Kelly:1st Album
Julian's Treatment:Time Before This

I know I should pay attention to who is from Manchester and who from Nottingham, but it is just all England to me. England rocks.


This one is especially cool (if you can't read the printing, that's a London Underground pass he's holding up).

And also worth noting, from the same artist, that London has seen worse.

God, I love Turner.

Jes: thanks for the "wearenotafraid" link. I'm with you: Brilliant. And my best to you from this side of the pond.

yes. Thank you. This is a much healthier response than glorifying rage.

Jes: what xanax said.

Great link there, Jes. And man, do I love Turner too. One of my happiest artistic moments was revelling -- and this was full-bore, hedonistic revelling -- in the British Museum's exhibition of 50 Turner watercolours, as well as sundry studies and the occasional oil-on-canvas. Truly stunning.

A Great Prophet is not deceived by the loud voice, rolling eyes and frothing mouth of a false heart.

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