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June 16, 2005


I made my comments about this about thirteen hours ago, last night.

How many times did the Red Cross use the word "gulag" or other similarly inflammatory language? As near as I can tell, none.

Gary: I always assume you got there first. But did you manage to work in a reference to the Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program?

Hah. I didn't think so ;)

"I always assume you got there first."

This assumption will often prove wrong. Far better to consider mandatory by law the requirement to simply check my blog before making every single post! Always give me credit and acknowledge mah authahwity! Failure to do so may require your detention while your immigration status is double-checked. We'll finish that check as promptly as is the norm for other terrorist suspects.

"But did you manage to work in a reference to the Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program?"

No, but did you work in a reference to Grandma Barbara Bush, or shooting a train car full of puppies? I think not!

I did, however, fail to make use of pictures. These are from that new line of Hallmark "Welcome To Abu Ghraib!" greeting cards, right?

I've also been posting about yesterday's hearings (the ones I read in a comment here last night were never going to happen, after they happened), in case anyone hasn't noticed, and cares, here, here, and here. But, of course, everyone already knows that, and is deeply thrilled, I'm sure.

Gary: I am so disappointed that no one has yet picked up on the amazing T shirt and 'Club Gitmo' links. I sully myself by going to Limbaugh-land, and do I get any gratitude? Any appreciation?


Hilzoy does the dirty work so you don't have to!

Almost good enough as a replacement for "...the Voice of Moderation...", but not quite.

"I sully myself by going to Limbaugh-land, and do I get any gratitude?"

You are very brave, and I trust you showered immediately thereafter.

On the other link, I have a thing about not linking to the proto-fascist Buchanan-nominating Raimondo, as noted here, but particularly here, here, here, here, and here.

I remain amazed at, not you, but how many on the left blithely assume that because a site is named "antiwar," it can't possibly be run by a raving proto-fascist anti-Semite whose idol and mentor is Pat Buchanan, and whose views he loosely channels. Which is the case. (I tend to have in mind folks such as James Wolcott, who seems completely unaware that he's constantly bathing Pat Buchanan's views with wuv and approval.)

"Kinda takes your breath away."

That is what Powerline is good for. Who says they don't deserve the attention?

Gary: ew. Thanks for letting me know about Raimondo; I just grabbed the first link to the photo I could find, which happened to be his. Now I have changed it. Thanks.

The ICRC. Amnesty International. Paul O'Neill. Richard Clarke. It's all part of the same thing with this administration, and particularly with its architects: Step out of line, and they will destroy you.

Since my various links on Raimondo add up to a bit of reading, on consideration, if one prefers, not unreasonably, to read only one, please make it this one. I hope anyone and everyone who has ever looked at, let alone linked to or cited, "antiwar.com," would please read this first, and know something about what sort of site they are supporting. (Next tactic: neo-nazis label their site "peace.com," and lefties everywhere flock to praise it!)

Hilzoy, I glossed over that Hindrocket bit in context at Pharyngula, thinking it was another parody. I'm kind of perversely delighted to find that he said something so hilarious. Beating deaths and dog attacks are a monument to the greatness of the American spirit?

And Gary, thanks for the reader's digest version of the Raimondo critique. The bits I've seen quoted with approval by people on the left always seemed a bit unhinged - it's nice to have more insight into why that might be.

I'm not sure if it's good form to discuss Blog X's citations of Blog Y in Blog Z's comments, but I'm frequently, but tacitly, annoyed by Jim Henley's citation to antiwar.com. Here, for instance. What's up with that?

It probably does make more sense to ask Jim that question directly, now that he's had comments in his blog for a few months.

Jim is a friend of mine, and someone I respect (though sharing some views and not others) and he's one of many folks I have in mind in keeping my anti-Raimondo passion hot; but I've posted what I've had to say, and he's free to keep his own counsel. (I do not attribute to Jim Henley any of Raimondo's reprehensible, disgusting, views; it's simply appears that Jim holds a somewhat isolationist preference in foreign affairs which Raimondo's ilk's views overlaps with to a degree; I don't find that at all ameliorative of Raimondo.)

Just to be clear, I was not trying to suggest that Jim and Justin are ideologically similar, but that's why his references annoy. If the two were more similar, the cites wouldn't be so jarring.

Sometimes I dream that the Time editors wake up in a puddle of their own vomit every morning, trying to forget, trying to erase the pain, tryhing to drink away the memory of their choice for Blog of the Year. "What have I done?" they cry, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

It all boils down to a simple equation:

"Torture = good, Criciticm of torture = treason"

Sadly, it seems you can now generalize that for the GOP to:

" = good, Criticism of = treason"

Who needs conspiracy theories anymore? They're all coming true right before our eyes. The GOP today behaves as the Democrats might if the ELF were in charge. Yes, it's that bad.

(Oops, insert an "x" on the left side of each equation)

Perhaps the International Red Cross would think more kindly of our treatment of prisoners if they were permitted to see more of them. Perhaps not.

Perhaps Hindrocket could be given (or volunteer for) the Gitmo 'spa treatments' for a few months and then be allowed to relate them to his audience.

"Sometimes I dream that the Time editors wake up in a puddle of their own vomit every morning, trying to forget, trying to erase the pain...."

This really would have been vastly more deserving during the Henry Luce days. When we, you know, lost China. (I now accept that some people will understand this, and others will be clueless; oh, well.)

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