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June 18, 2005


Jess and I move on Monday. As soon as we know how much we're going to owe the movers (directly proportionate to how much time they take), we'll know how much can get diverted to worthy causes. :)

For the record, prior to a similar unsolicited post on Fafblog yesterday, one donation did show up, although whether it was generated here or not wasn't something I could tell. Three more have come in last night/this morning, and it's again impossible to tell where from (without asking the individuals, which isn't something I'd do), although the ratio of hits suggests that it's likely Fafblog (making for the usual ~1 donation/1000 hits from a link suggesting it). So far as I can loosely tell, I got about ~150 (generously measured) hits from the last ObWing suggestion from Hilzoy, and about 2500 hits, so far, from Fafblog's. I mention this only in case anyone else is curious about how the ratios of this sort of thing tend to work, in my limited experience.

Immense thanks to all, and, of course, thanks to Hilzoy. I do now have enough, at least, for this month's medications (about $100, the usual half of my usual ~$200/month shortfall, which is why I'm looking for some part time work [I don't think I can reliably do more than about 20 hours/week for now, at present].

For the record, I didn't say any of this, and have great trouble discussing it; this post was written only by shutting my eyes and letting a subroutine momentarily free. And now I hit "post" before I hit "delete."

Gary: you think it was an unsolicited post...

The Poor Man is now somewhat less poor.

Gratuitous kitty porn:



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