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May 31, 2005


Just to add one point: I want to make it really clear that this was not meant to be a pro-insider or pro-expert post. In my experience, insiders and experts have roughly the same proportion of jerks as the rest of the population. The point was just that both groups have knowledge that we need, knowledge about how to assess people in the communities of which they are a part; that we sometimes need trusted intermediaries to help us do this; and that because blogs do allow ordinary people to make informed judgments about the trustworthiness of bloggers, trustworthy bloggers can play this role. I think Josh Marshall is trustworthy, and I think TPM Cafe is a huge step towards doing this, in a way that will, among other things, allow us to assess the trustworthiness (or lack thereof) of the various people he's enlisted.

I'm not too crazy about the Coffee House, which is too self-referential to me. It hasn't yet reached the asinine level of The Corner as yet, but wait until the commentors get past the newness of it and run out of things to say.

I like most of the other segments, and once again found myself wishing that my primary vote for John Edwards hadn't been too late to help him win the nomination last year.

"I think that there is a special place in hell reserved for those who, having received the training required to count as, or at least look like, an expert in some area, abuse their expertise and bring the word of experts generally into question. Those scientists who allow themselves to be bought by tobacco companies or opponents of global warming, for instance."

Interesting post overall, and I'll check out TPM Cafe when I more have time later tonight, but you might want to clean up that above sentence some. It could be read that you want scientists opposed to global warming to burn in hell. But I think I know what you meant. ;)

eek! you're right!

This seems as semi-appropriate as any of the ongoing threads to digressively note that I hope everyone has heard that W. Mark Felt has outed himself as "Deep Throat" and Bob Woodward has confirmed it.

It is too soon to comment on the new TPM, I haven't really visited it yet. With 116 blogs in my RSS feed, adding another ten (in quantity of material) is daunting.

Marshall has set up a pro- or semi-pro operation, I am quite impressed with the roster.
Will Kos be now required to sign some stars like Daalder?
The evolution of the blogosphere will be interesting.

In matters of fact, I do trust Marshall and Schmitt etc.
In matters of judgement and opinion and analysis, I trust no-one. Everyone in the blogosphere does indeed have a bias and perspective and especially an agenda.

The problem I have with the Daalders and Marshalls and Yglesiases, in descending order, is that they are so frigging careful. As people rise toward the top of the expert/pundit/journalist heirarchy, the cost of a factual mistake or an offensive comment or a hurried analysis or bad prediction becomes higher than the value of enlightening their audience. So I stopped watching Nightline, cause Koppel would want Colin Powell, who would never say anything useful or interesting.

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