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March 03, 2005


Is there a reason why this post has a link to a continuation which has no words? Sort of like Monty Python's cheese shop ("It's so clean!" "Well, it's certainly uncontaminated with cheese).

Hotmail? What is this, the dark ages? Are you riding a horse to Minneapolis?
Gmail invites, first come first served:

That explains it. I've been trying to get ahold of you via hotmail, and have assumed you are just too busy. I don't have your super-secret work account, so if you'd kindly drop a note to aronk [[at]] galactec [[dot]] com, that would be super keen.

Dantheman, you may be confusing cheese with larks' vomit. Or Perth Pink, "one of your finer peppermint-flavoured wines." Or other Pythonesque foodstuffs.

Crunchy frog, anyone? After-dinner mint, Mister Creosote?

Or was that wafer-thin mint? Memory fails, and fingers far too lazy to Google.

Spring surprise?

sidereal, gracias.
now i have gmail.

now why was that form partially pre-populated with info about joshua@s******* ?

You have to send the mail to a dummy address to dig the activation links out, and the form gets pre-populated with the dummy address data. I am that dummy.

"My job is winning the war on terror. I've got trouble with 'winning.' I've got trouble with 'war.' I've got trouble with 'terror.' We have to be very careful with how we use our words."

that's Porter Goss.


here's me waiting for the howling.

Sice this is an open thread, interesting article on North Korea, given after his (selig harrison's) Foreign Affairs article.

Von, whaddaya look like?

I'm pretty non-descript, John. Tuxedo. Top hat. Cape. Scimitar. You know. The usual.

Scimitar? This is the hot new blade of choice.

You pack a scimitar while wearing a tux? Doesn't it get caught in the cumberbund?

The watered-steel scimitar can be quite effective, although it's more of a brute-force weapon than the saber. I prefer the sword secreted in the walking stick; a couple of feet of razor sharp Sheffield steel can be quite persuasive.

you may catch fleeting glipse of me.  If you know what I look like. 

I don't see why catching a glimpse of you depends on recognizing you.

If you are secreting a couple of feet of razor sharp steel into a walking stick, I recommend immediate medical intervention.

I'm more of a falchion man.

Touche', Bernard.

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