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March 06, 2005


Hilarious stuff.

Particularly the reactions of Oren Bar-Gill, an NYU law and economics professor, who suddenly finds all sorts of reasons why Coasian principles don't apply in this very special case.

hilzoy, given the lack of traffic, maybe in your next post you can explain why Judge William Pryor is opposed.

Just because a post doesn't get a lot of comments doesn't mean there was a problem with it. I thought the last student email was perfection, but I wasn't going to say anything so as to avoiding risking the wrath of the lawyers on the list.

Timmy, why don't you get a blog?

See hilzoy, the traffic has picked up already, no need to thank me, expect more to come.

Timmy, why don't you get a blog?

Eddie and Von come by occassionally.

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