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March 25, 2005



Thank you for update.

no problem mky...it's fascinating to watch how quickly it's all changing...again, the Registan blog is doing an extraordinary job of staying on top of it all.

I just love what you guys do, always something new, always fresh, a great community, not the same old McKRAP tm. Can I say McKRAP? Thanks for adding much to my day everyday And yeah, I think Putin has something to worry about too. Wish I could say the same thing about Boyo Arbusto: Bush Junior.

It's happening in fits and starts, but the democranami is still going strong.

Charles, while I'm also heartened by the way democracy is spreading, can I say that democranami is well, this sums it up best: Groan.

A tsunami is a terrible thing leaving death and destruction in its wake...can't a better term be found for democracy's spread? Something nice, spreadable, and appetizing...like demargarine, or democream cheese, or I Can't Believe It's not Tyranny. ;-)

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