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March 02, 2005


How is this worse than the average frat hazing? Would you deny our troops (you do support them and pray for them, don't you?) the opportunity to blow some steam off and have a good time?

But I thought the "acountability moment" was past?

How is this worse than the average frat hazing?

maybe it's not. frat hazing, however, is illegal in many (most?) states. i say we legalize it, to get rid of that sticking point - i'd hate to have to deny Rush his inane analogy on a legal technicality.

Funny how with a Republican Congress, the meaningful investigation into such events now must take in civil suits brought by foreigners.


I can't tell if you are being sarcastic.

However, the difference between this and frat hazing is that in frat hazing there is an implicit understanding by the hazee that humiliation is the objective and that the practices will stop short of actual physical damage. The torturees can make no such assumption. Indeed, this implied escalation is what theoretically makes the torture effective.

Guys, felix is being sarcasti-licious. We're talking about stabbing here, which is part of only the really good frat hazings.

In that context the State Department's annual human rights report is interesting. See here. Quotes from the WP's take:

The State Department's annual human rights report released yesterday criticized countries for a range of interrogation practices it labeled as torture, including sleep deprivation for detainees, confining prisoners in contorted positions, stripping and blindfolding them and threatening them with dogs -- methods similar to those approved at times by the Bush administration for use on detainees in U.S. custody.


The State Department report also harshly attacked the treatment of prisoners in such countries as Syria and Egypt, where the United States has shipped terrorism suspects under a practice known as "rendition." An Australian citizen has alleged that under Egyptian detention he was hung by his arms from hooks, repeatedly shocked, nearly drowned and brutally beaten. Most of his fingernails were missing when he later arrived at Guantanamo Bay.

I was listening to Hannity interview one of these guys today (so you don't have to) and Sean completely doesn't get it. It quickly became evident that his function was to get the guy (name was Ara or something like that; I didn't quite catch it) so rattled and pissed off that he started shouting. Now, anyone interviewed by Hannity who's of any other...political persuasion ought to be aware of this, but this guy either wasn't or couldn't stop himself from being reactivated by Hannity.

Get it, Sean: they're not all terrorists. The fact that they're in custody doesn't automatically mean that they actually know anything.

I was listening to Hannity interview one of these guys today (so you don't have to)...

Have I ever mentioned what a great humanitarian you are, Slarti? No? Huh.

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