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March 07, 2005


"Fountain's of Wayne"

No apostrophe, and the album is called "Welcome Interstate Managers" and is indeed fun - but it's also full of fine (and intelligent and perceptive and ironic) tunesmithery that in some ways belies the fun. In particular, "Valley Winter Song" is wonderfully poignant.

Here's another plug for The New Pornographer's "Electric Version", also a lot of fun in a surrealistic vein.

Out of the three FOW albums so far, I still enjoy the self-titled debut the best. It has a lot more songs on it that I enjoy. (With "Leave The Biker" and "She's Got A Problem" my favorites.)

Some Six Degrees fun: I played for three years in Cleveland in a band with a guy who attended college with FOW singer/guitarist Adam Schlesinger -- it was a small college in Western Mass., so they actually knew each other. (Schlesinger also plays bass for Ivy, and wrote the sublime "That Thing You Do!")

Some music blather of a different kind: Bono suggested as candidate to head World Bank. Of course, in the related story, they have Carly Fiorina candidate for World Bank chief, so FWIW.

What about Jonathan Richman? Bit old, but "I was dancing in the Lesbian Bar" is still pretty funny.

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