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March 01, 2005


Whether it was attached to the story that you cite or to some other story, there was a photograph in the Times of the son-and-heir being driven off, out of office. He sat in the back of a large sedan and worse an expression that proclaimed the impossibility of his ever achieving political success on his own power. He looked terrified!

The War Nerd wrote about events in Togo last month. Here's the link to page on the Exile.ru.

That's one html tag I keep screwing up. Take two.

The column seems almost optimistic, for the War Nerd.

His current column gives some background on Lebanon. Rather less cheerful.

Judging by this report, Togo could use a little good news. Good on them.

BD: yes, by all accounts their previous government was lousy on any number of counts. Jackmormon: thanks for the link. I don't think I'll be reading War Nerd again anytime soon, though. Do you know Exile's alarming takeoff "Straight Outta Grozny"? (Not work safe.)

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