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February 11, 2005


Fafnir didn't vote for us. I think I am going to have to sink into a decline.

One wonders why only Fafnir seems to vote in these things, and not Giblets or the crustacean. A suspicious-minded person might almost begin to wonder if maybe Fafblog is really all written by one author. It's probably Giblets, adopting multiple personalities in an attempt to sow confusion and thus make it easier for his robot troops to beat us into submission.

You folks do a nice job here. And Katherine's series was excellent.


I don't believe Fafblog can be written by one person. Few writers have that much variety of writing styles. The kind of jokes that the Medium Lobster makes are totally different from the kind of jokes that Giblets makes. In general, Medium Lobster is more adult, his posts are the ones that I can email my more sober friends. Giblets is infantile, I can laugh out loud at his posts but I can rarely share his jokes with my friends. He's a more rare taste.

I also find the Medium Lobster extremely tasty.

With butter!

I happily cast my vote. Jesurgislac and I have to agree on something now and then.

I suspect neither Giblets and the Medium Lobster believe in voting, though for different reasons.

Ooh, no, just noticed the Medium Lobster did vote after all.

Why did no one vote for Giblets! Giblets is the best writer - his every word is song, SONG! Giblets's posts are the best posts - they are thoughtful and timely and always right without fail! Giblets is the best group blog all by himself, without his co-bloggers. Giblets contains worlds, galaxies, universes! Treachery, insolence, outrage, FIE!

Fafnir didn't vote for us. I think I am going to have to sink into a decline.

I'm sorry hilzoy! Crooked Timber had a mole. I couldn't help it! The mole was too powerful! I will still always love you! Come back, Obsidian Wings! Come back!

Fafnir: They may have a mole, but we have flying saints. Need I say more?

I haven't voted for most humorous blog yet, Just saying.

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