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February 19, 2005


Adam Doverspike, recovering Fund-ictim, is far more charitable to Fund than Fund deserves.

Damn commies!

Fund is, or used to be, editorial page editor for the WSJ. I remember seeing him on TV once denying that he was a Republican, claiming to be independent.

That told me all I ever want to know about him.

John Fund highly respected Wall Street Journal columnist did the strangest thing today.

He may be many things but highly respected is not one of them. Could it be any stranger than making the top ten idiots at DU

a blackberry? how about some manners?

John Fund made it a point to never read the news pages of the WSJ or any other mainstream publication Whatever facts he needed he just made up.

I do not beleive I have ever read a single thing by John Fund that was not seriously lacking credibility.

Good god, I was following some of the links. Are these people for real? At Kevin McCullough's weblog (not sure how I got there, but it was from the links Von gave), there was this:

MICHELLE AT HER BEST: Brilliance isn't supposed to look like this. But it does. And for the next generation - maybe that's the exactly the way it is suppose to look.

When Ann Coulter stepped into the arena on Friday - her rock star status had the general session at CPAC packing out the place. When she introduced her buddy Matt Drudge - it was an even bigger collective swoon passing through the lips of those in attendance.

And don't get me wrong - we need Ann. Ann is important to the movement, and we don't want her to change a bit.

But in the hall, another significant voice to young women in America today showed up. She signed autographs as long as the line had people in it and when she had finished there she came back to blogger's corner and chatted with people like they were great buds.

Shortly thereafter she was engaging young people at the Young America's Foundation's private reception for their Club 100 members only.

And all the while Michelle Malkin was on, polite, articulate, and as one young girl at the YAF standing just behind me said, "exactly what I want all my daughters to grow up and be like."

And did I mention that Mr. Malkin and the two tiny Malkins were also along for the ride.

Michelle is brilliant watch this video here of her dealing with the issue of immigration and the role of Norm Mineta in the administration...

And with equal smarts she comes right back on the GIRLS GONE WILD culture...

Michelle has embraced the blogosphere and in fact become its fastest rising and most brilliant impacting star of recent days and weeks. (She personally only admits to being a blogger for about 7 months.)

Yet she is someone who is credible because she is the embodiment of what she advocates. On more than one occassion she has turned down Fox News, CNN, and even The Kevin McCullough Show - all the while sending back great little notes like:

"Kevin, I'm so sorry, that issue (that I had invited her to come on about - usually one of her exclusives) is really important to me, but today I have mommy duties that I just can't get away from..."

A mom who loves her kids more than work, her husband more than fame, and the truth more than accolades? No - its not how brilliant success normally "looks" - but undoubtedly Michelle is proving being a person of conviction will have eternally more impact, than temporal acclaim...

The mind boggles...

Sorry, that's from the first link that Von gave. Just below it is this:

On the show we got to talk to another two of those men I call heroes. Former Bob Barr stopped by the KMC Show expressly to give his thoughts on the honoring of Congressman Henry Hyde. The two served through the Clinton impeachment issue together. These two men's dogged and determined commitment to get to the point of the matter, to seek to hold all citizens - including our most recognizable one - to the rule of law, and to do so without flinching when the backlash of the liberal media and all of the pressure the White House could apply were lined up against them - demonstrated their greatness.

The former Bob Barr? Who is he now?

And there's this

But the Swift Boat Vets were honored as they should be only hours later recieving the "Ronald Reagan Banquet: Charleton Heston "Courage Under Fire Award".


The mind boggles...

don't worry, it's not like she's popular or anything. she only reflects the views of a few, and nobody takes her seriously.

Yeah, I'm guessing it's like RW porn, nobody actually admits they like her.

I'm with praktike (how is that pronounced, anyway?): the fundraiser should be to send the guy to etiquette classes.

I do love the "punishment," though -- plastering a picture of him in all his piggish glory on every blog. This could be an interesting strategy. I could use my cell phone to take picture of that obnoxious woman who always has 20 items in the 15-items-or-less checkout lane...

Slow news day? ;^)

oh yes, and for the record, I can't think of anyone who respects John Fund, who is a big fat lying wanker.

Amen. And how do you pronounce Praktike, anyhow? (I've always assumed it's Prak as in "Practical" and -tike as in tyke. But I guess it could be Prace-teek.)

I assumed "prak-ti-ka" with the "ka" really a European "keh", accent on the first syllable.


All Fund has to do is rent a car, and he'll get a Blackberry for free.

Of course, he's now got to overcome an obstacle...whether anyone would be willing to rent him anything at all ;)

"Patsies"? Yeah.

Also idiots. Anybody who walks away from a "live" computer in a public place without locking it up tight deserves what they get.

He's lucky if Fund didn't erase any files or send any nasty e-mails in his name.

rilkefan nails it.

I assumed "prak-ti-ka" with the "ka" really a European "keh", accent on the first syllable.

like 'practical', without the el ... ?

Could it be any stranger than making the top ten idiots at DU

Don't blame John; it's quite possible that the top ten idiots at DU are self-made.

I think he meant 'pasties'.

Is that pasties, as in the meat pie, or pasties, as in something a...performance artist might wear?

I thought they were the same thing. You mean strippers don't wear meat pies?

Mmm, warm meat pies.

Why isn't there a Chanel #cheeseburger?

Anybody who walks away from a "live" computer in a public place without locking it up tight deserves what they get.

In the same way that people who don't lock their cars deserve to get them stolen? Is this the new way we define property rights in America: "Finders keepers?"

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