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January 04, 2005


Does the turbine run on natural gas?

No (the article mentions "volatile JP-8 fuel"); why do you ask?

No, he runs it on aircraft fuel - JP-8, if I remember correctly. I picked this up off of Fark yesterday. He uses an old turbine from a Navy ship and actually sits over the thing as he runs this up and down the track.

If you get a chance, you should read the article. It also talks about a jet-powered barstool somebody else built (and there are links), and this guy's jet-powered pickup (jetup truck?) and plans for putting a jet in the back of a school bus. Stay on the curb, now!


Just wondering if it was environmentally friendly?

Finally, a solution for all those times I am both constipated and late for work!

Slightly related, but please read this and then buy the book.

Speaking of time on your hands have you seen this?

Something I've always wanted to try:

Take a checkbook and cut out all the checks, leaving a little strip at the top of each check below the perforation. Now glue a twenty-dollar bill to each strip.

Presto. You now have a book of twenties. Go to a store and when it's time to pay, take out the book, tear off a twenty, and hand it to the cashier.

For those with not enough time, though: instructions for quick-starting the barbeque. Ready to cook in three seconds.

Just wondering if it was environmentally friendly?

Well, if you cut a hole in the bottom, you can fertilize your crops naturally in no time flat!

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