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January 03, 2005


I have a slight fear of insects, I hate to say it but i do. Earwigs, cockroaches,centipedes,grubs, and june bugs are possibly the most disgusting specimens on the face of the earth. I'm slowly getting over the earwigs though, in the summer my father and I go to the front step with to pairs of tweezers and feed the nasty earwigs to the spiders that live there. I suppose my fear of cockroaches is from grade five, when there was an insect man who came to school and plopped a genuine madagascar hissing cockroache on my hand,it smelled rank,hissed at me, crapped on me,bite me, and then it was flung back into the face of the insect man. Edgar Allen Poe's "The Conquerer Worm" turned me off of the grubs, and centipedes? An episode of CSI:NY .... Bleh. June bugs are another case hudreds of them fly around in the summer night, they get caught in your hair, with their barbed legs, soft fleshy bodies and hard wings, ugh! Thank you for letting me share this with you. :D

Um. I too, am afraid of whales

I know well of what you speak. I used to think it was sharks or even just "thingies" in the water, but what gets to me and freaks me out is how massive the sea is, and some of the things that reside there. Loch Ness scares me not because of "Nessie," but because it's 3 miles deep!

I have never been able to get into a pool without first asking "how deep is it?" And even after that all I can do is sit on the steps and after about a half hour get out.I'm terrified that someones lied to me and the pools really 30-40 ft deep like the Army training facilities(My brother is in the army,big gigantic pool,scary).Anyway I can't swim, I like the water but I hate the feeling of having no control over where Im going.I can't watch movies about the sea or anything thats got alot of water in it, ie;Jaws,The perfect storm, and the most terrifying of all, Titanic. Then theres my fear of dying which is directly linked to my fear of deep water and drowning. I can't watch bloody gory films.I like scary mvies but not the bloody ones. I can't stand the idea of dying a PAINFUL,GRUESOME,death. Im not afraid of dying but Im terrified of being murdered, by humans or by supernatural beings. All of this is tightly related to my fear of being left alone. As a kid I never liked birthday parties or sleepovers because I didnt like being away from my Mommy,but now I'm just plain scared of bing left in a room or house COMPLETLY ALONE. I feel terribly unsafe and unprotected,even though I have no idea what of.

oh my goodness I totally agree with everything about the fear of whales...i am TERRIFIED of them...i even scream if I see a cartoon picture of them....they give me the shivers and make me feel like im going to be sick!!!

I have a huge fear of trains.
And 18 wheelers.
And dolphins/whales.
And butterflies.

Sharks are nice, snakes are cool, I like spiders, cockroaches are okay.

But seriously.
I feel strange.

Haha I'm not sure if anyone is going to actually read this or not, but I've just spent the last hour reading over this massive list of peoples' fears, and I now feel compelled to share some of my own. I share a few of the more common ones with people on here, ex. spiders and gross crawly insects, clowns, dolls, but I seem to have quite a few unique ones as well... Maybe I'm just strange? Here goes...

- blood in general, but more specifically blood tests and needles...
- chainsaws
- the Grinch (cartoon version. I still to this day can NOT watch the scene where he gets the idea to dress up like santa and makes that HORRIBLY creepy smile... Ugh just thinking about it makes me cringe)
- the lion from the Wizard of Oz, when he's singing the song about how he'd be the king of the fore-e-e-e-st... Eek!
- writing on chalkboards
- but my number one fear of all time is ALIENS!!! Outer space in general freaks me out, but I seriously have panic attacks when I think about creepy supernatural beings coming to earth to take me away... It's not all aliens that scare me (I can completely handle watching movies like men in black), its just the horrid humanoid looking ones... Tall, lanky, big oval eyes, long creepy fingers reaching out to grab me... AAAAAHHHHH I'm actually freaking out right now... I still cry every time I watch Signs.

So there you go, if anyone shares these completely ridiculous fears with me, feel free to share so that I don't feel quite so strange...

I am terrified whales. Not killer or orca whales. Big, gigantic, lumbering dark whales. Just the thought makes me shiver.

One night, years ago, I was riding the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. I was standing on the back of the boat and it was pitch black out, so dark you couldn't see where the sky ended and the water began. I was really enjoying the wind and the view of the city lights slowly shrinking out of view - and suddenly I thought I saw something huge and dark in the water and I was paralyzed. It wasn't a whale, of course, but I was convinced that it was - and that it was larger than the entire ferry. I stayed there, freezing, with my knees buckled underneath me, my fingers gripping the bannister, and my eyes fixed to the water, waiting for the whale to breach and knock over the ferry. I didn't move until we docked at least 15 minutes later on the island. The Most horrifying, crippling moment of my life... And it was completely in my mind.

Fear of whales is a terrible phobia because people mock you all the time and for some of us, it is very, very real.

wow. when i started reading this post i figured there would be no way its still going. anyway i was really shocked when i heard that i was not the only one with a fear of patters. even just thinking about them my throat is kind of closing up. i have no problem with 2,4,6,8 kind of patterns its more like if my arm rests on something and its pattern gets etched into my skin i go crazy trying to rub it off cause it really scares the hell out of me. the pattern in dirt and things like that really scare me to. its cool to know im not the only freak.
im also really scared of butterflies. the cute cartoon ones, ok. but in real life im terrified. i hope i never see one in front of someone im not really comfortable with because i either scream or run, fast and hard.

i meant to say patterns. im also afraid of most other bugs. birds in an enclosed area with me scare me crazy. flying roaches which i didnt even know existed until i moved to florida also scare me but i can live with the ones that crawl. i feel like at least if the dont fly i can kill them. its a control thing. just last night there was a flying roach in my living room and i went into a fit. i did kind of try to kill it but it was kind of trying to kill it in that i wanted it dead but i didnt really wanna kill it so i made some really half way efforts. I also hate killing large roaches cause then you have to pick the up.

omg! im terrified of whales too! and my friends think i'm weird. finally i know im not the only one out there!

i am not racist the hood or ghetto places the reason why is i lived in west Philadelphia for about a year and trust me not a good place to live when your in high school.

im afraid of falling down, when iwas six i fell off my roof, my elbow snagged on a broken pice of the gutter. I hung there for 30 min until the fire department came, my arm wripped all the way down my arm and is a dull red

Thanks for reviving this thread, fml yo. These old threads make for fun reading, seeing the familiar names of commenters and the unknown names (to me) of years gone by.

Freaky Phobia: Stepping on worms. And those big ugly snails. Especially when they come out of the proverbial woodwork and invade the driveway on dank, humid, steamy summer nights.

This is more of a fear than a phobia but I dread takeoffs and landings, especially takeoffs. But it can feel paralyzing, making it hard to breathe and making me wonder if other passengers are looking at the fear flash across my face.

Fear/phobia: walking or driving across high and narrow bridges. I remember as a very young boy taking seemingly forever to walk across the Augustine Cutoff, taking slow, painful steps, trying to get to a semi-pro baseball game. I had adopted a local team and became their batboy for years. I'd walk 3 miles to get to their games. After a few of these long hikes, when the manager figured out how I was getting to and from his games, he was flabbergasted and asked why I just didn't ask for a ride. Bob Henry, the manager, became my lifelong mentor until his death a few years ago. (An aside: We won't even let our 10-year-old ride his bike alone to the Rite Aid up the street to get a soda or something; two stories of attempted kidnappings of children emerging alone from two separate local libraries made the paper yesterday. Yet 36 years ago, it seemed perfectly normal to venture out on my own at Danny's age and, if I hadn't, I would never had met the great Mr. Henry nor developed a lifelong love of baseball.)

Today I have felt that same gripping fear driving across particularly narrow bridges, especially when traffic is tight or construction constricts the lanes. I felt that way last Thanksgiving driving my wife's mom to JFK Airport. I guess it is a phobia because my bodied tighted and I felt true tension (none of which had to do with my mother-in-law, whom I love dearly).

As someone else said, however, I do not have a fear of heights in general. I, too, have enjoyed the view from atop the Empire State Building and, last summer, had a blast with my boy on all of the rollercoasters at Hershey Park. I even wanted to try the scary Fahrenheit ride, but after more than an hour's wait, I saw that my young son wanted to take a pass and played it like I wasn't up to it, either.

I used to have a fear of needles. But that was cured quickly in 2005 when I sliced off two-thirds of my left thumb in a freak accident at work and was rushed to the emergency room. That morphine the doctor shot in what was left of the thumb felt so good. Now, when giving blood or getting my twice-a-year cortisone shots in my right ankle, it's almost like I look forward to the needle -- and that cortisone needle is a big one.

Used to have an unfounded dislike of beets. My mother ate them all the time and I could not understand how she could devour a food that purple. My wife couldn't understand why I disliked something I never tried, which isn't like me, got me to try one, and now I'm like my mom: I love 'em!

I am deathly afraid of whales... I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there is nothing on land or in the air that is that enormous... water in general isn't our habitat so that makes the whale even more hard to ... compare with. there just effing creepy and way too big.

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