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November 23, 2004


May I also suggest Europhobia as linked to below for it's excellent coverage.


I heard Lugar speak on it yesterday. It occurred to me if Republicans are so passionate about voter fraud in the Ukraine, maybe they should send Katherine Harris over to investigate because she certainly would know where to look.

Wilfred, that did occur to me. ;-) But voter fraud is an important issue - whether it occurs in the Ukraine or the US, and whether the incumbent government and its supporters is interested in investigating it or not.

Jes, i'm being serious. We should send over (the pre-makeover) Harris and watch what happens.

Very US centric dontcha think?

Of course it is Sebastian. I just have this habit of pointing the finger inward before i point it outward, glass houses and all. But then, Jes and i hate America or so the Neo's tell us.

I don't mind. I just find it funny that the same people who constantly tell us that international relations aren't all about the US and what it wants tend to make it all about the US no matter what the actual context.

Sebastian, the point is we find it funny that you're setting yourself as pro-democracy in this thread, while you were anti-democracy/pro-terrorism in previous threads. It's not "all about the US": it's about the contrast between your support for democracy in the Ukraine, and your attack on democracy in Chile and Nicaragua. It's also ironically amusing that the Bush administration and it's supporters are pointing at exit polls in the Ukraine to prove that the election was fraudulent, while ignoring exit polls in the US and claiming they don't mean anything.

It's possible to find ironic amusement in virtually anything the Bush administration does, really.

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