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November 24, 2004


I've tried to come out
twice already: can you hear:
British. Lesbian.


Far from home in Mass
Spending T-day with my Prof.
Its gonna be wierd

But good times, no doubt
I'm bringing a derby pie
Recipe is here

I'm thankful for the
Much-needed holiday break
Must finish papers!

Have a good time all
With family, friends, or profs
Happy Thanksgiving!

You oh pun the red
It hasn't always been good
to be red than dead.


You are so-o-o-o-o-o right about assumptions. I was totally convinced you were straight, male, and American.

Glad to know ya better!

What prompted the self-outing?

What prompted the self-outing?

I wrote about it on my livejournal (linked to from the haiku). I'd been thinking about it for some time, because it was beginning to bug me: though it still bugs me, in a way, that I should have to.

The short version, though, is: You inspired me. ;-)

but first i'd have to
cede responsibility
before i gave thanks

Nice Thanksgiving Day story:

Mom Trucks Thanksgiving Meal to GI Son

While many return
Without their appendages
Thanks for mine, repaired

While some dine apart
Without their beloved partners
Thanks for mine, returned

While many sleep out
Without a roof above them
Thanks for mine, re-fied

While many are shushed
Without an outlet for talk
Thanks for Oh-Dub, Love


I'm blue cause I'm blue
Now the Blue Meanies are red
Scales from eyes are shed

Glad to have a job
Though there's no health benefits
It still beats Medicaid

For jesurgislac:

don't you realize
the only choice we have is
murrican male?

Two other things I'm thankful for, before I head out.

First is what I think is meant to be a dubious honor bestowed upon me by the Politburo Diktat:

And Comrade Edward has been so reliable.

I aim to please.

Secondly is a topic that deserves a full post, but I'm a bit short on time, so I'll just link to this and say Thank God for the ACLU. The anger they sometimes raise in their work dully noted, this organizations remains one of the reason I trust the US will be just fine, no matter how dark the horizon may look at times:

The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit yesterday against a Missouri high school that twice admonished a gay student for wearing T-shirts bearing gay pride messages. The suit charges that the school violated the youth's constitutional right to free expression.

Thank you ACLU. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!

Happy Turkey Day all!

Jes, I'm a middle
aged midwest American
relegated to

Near eunuch status
substituting sex with a
Harley Davidson

Hoping you find your
way to peace and comfort with
life as you know it

I trust you will still
remain diligent and alert
with tough arguments.

I am at a loss
to understand why the blogs
-budsman thinks I will change

become less tough and
less dilligent: less alert:
because he now knows more

than he did yes'day.
It's his world that changes now
(a small bit): not mine.

But thanks for your good wishes, Blogs.

On the internets
No-one knows if you're British
Unless you tell them. :)

Arizona monk
Chose lifelong celibacy
Still got screwed by Bush

Four kinds of pie, friends:
Concord grape, cherry, pecan,
And kabocha squash...

I was never very good at haiku's.

I am thanful to live in a country where I can disagree with the leadership and be very vocal about it. Also thankful for the people who disagree with my views. It takes all kinds.

Red states, blue states...in the end we're all Americans and I know if I really needed help I'd get it, and who I voted for would be the last thing on their mind.

oh no - the haiku thread --

now you all get to find out just how much of a Heretic I am. The only Haiku I have ever written:

Hippopotamus in space

and of course - im thankful that my 7th grade English teacher didnt fail me on the spot for that stunt.

I'm going to quote John Cooper Clarke:

Writing a poem
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic

Or (from the Onion):

First five syllables
then seven, then five again
blah blah fucking blah

Or from Hass' translation of Basho:

Writing crap
About snow
isn't Haiku


Misty morning
Can't see Fuji

Thankfull for this place
which succeeds in opposing
black and white glasses

(ah.... my very first haiku ;-))


Two dogs on a bed
45 in West Dallas
My crowded comfort.

Bernie Taupin saw
Mona Lisas,Mad Hatters:
Song remains the same.

"People I have found"
A strangely social distance
People there like you.

Thinking about New York
There are large holes in your sky.
Lights and shadows gone.

Hope you are not cold
Thinking about New Yorkers
And sharing my bed

With German shepherds
Its a small bed but big web
For crowded comfort.


1. A wife who loves me.
2. Pretty good health.
3. An interesting job.
4. A growing circle of interesting acquaintances.
5. Living in this country at this time.
6. Two great dogs, one of which is a bed hog and the other snores.
7. Parents and inlaws who don't actually drive me certifiably crazy ('though they seem to be working on it).

Cheers everybody! Have a great holiday. I'll be back on Monday.


quiet amazement
when yellow roses blossom
my but they smell good

I've lived a goodly chunk of my life with some very harsh weather indeed, so California (four years into my second time living here) still freaks me out sometimes. Mirabile Dictu my favorite rosebush is blooming, outside, at the tail end of November... Heh.

and for Jes:

a lesbian, sure
but a British lesbian?
who would have guessed it

The world's a funny place. I was just thinking the other day about how much more interesting and heterogenous the internet has become compared to the olden days, and how at some point, without really noticing, I stopped reflexively assigning meatspace parameters to fellow netizens. I can't say I'm surprised to find out you're female (I guess I wouldn't have wanted to speculate about your preference or ethnicity either), but if asked I would have said american for sure...

So much gratitude,
But Thanksgiving was last month,
Silly yankee ninnies.

And congrats, Jesurgislac. That shook up my mental image of you quite a bit. For example, you probably don't have a moustache.

Late to the party
Am I, yet unsurprised
re: Jesurgislac

My first haiku! Yes, I know. It sucks.

Jesurgislac, I had no image of you at all. Hence my total lack of surprise. As for nationality, I'm mildly shocked that you're not Canadian.

Nieces, inlaws, dog,
Turkey stupor lies ahead
Comment threads must wait

Happy Thanksgiving to ObWi posters and commenters, and Moe too.

and of course - im thankful that my 7th grade English teacher didnt fail me on the spot for that stunt.

Mine was dismayed to find that Burroughs' John Carter of Mars books were indeed written "pre-war".

Each year better, now
Hope for a better future
Can't we get along?

No talent with haiku, limerick or clerihew, so..

at Thanksgiving I'm glad to be at the top of the food chain.

My friends, my two cats,
The best family ever,
And a job I love;

Fruit trees and orchids,
An acre of land to plant,
And deer and foxes:

A pipe exploded
Keeping me from driving to
Vermont, where all my

Family has come
Including the new unborn
niece or nephew, and

All no doubt eating
Pie, not thinking about pipes:
Still I'm grateful.

Hilzoy: liberal blogger, or syllable-counting automoton?

That was impressive, H. I still screwed up the number of syllables in my last line. Kudos. And I too have two cats.

My sympathies about the pipe and the unvisited family. Next year, eh?

Is it always fa-mi-ly and never fam-ly?

Also, do you have a 5th syllable in the very last line?

Yowza! Harold McGee's revision of his 1984 book _On food and Cooking_ has just been published. Check this NYT article out.

Sox win the Series
Losing streak is 86'd
During my lifetime

So brave, I think, that
Jesurgislac can admit
to being a Brit.

Turkey Day, Japan.
Things don't quite fit together.
Let's call it Squid Day.

Obsidian Wings!
I owe you this life lesson:
No drunken comments.

Happy barded turkey, light beer, chex mix, and football to all of you! (And happy bangers, Guinness, chips, and footie to Jesurgislac her nation of mysteriously pale island people.)

lj: to me, it's fa-mi-ly (unless I'm singing country music, in which case all bets are off.)Also po-tay-to and ih-rahk and nu-cle-ar :) And you're right about the last line. Oops.
d+u: See last comment. Clearly an automaton with a glitch.

Yowza! Harold McGee's revision of his 1984 book _On food and Cooking_ has just been published. Check this NYT article out.

What I'd give to watch Harold McGee duke it out with Alton Brown...

Wish it were Duck Day,
but I am newly engaged,
and her tribe is nice.

My plumbing is fixed
And the rain has subsided
But I am still here

Not in Vermont, where
Relatives are phoning me,
Wondering why I

Don't try to fly in
Sometime late this evening, and
Rent a car, and drive.

(I miss them too.) But
I checked, and this will not work.
But one more blessing:

No web in Vermont
So no way to say: Congrats
To you, rilkefan!

Rilkefan! Congratulations!

Those who passed this year
The privilege of knowing them
A gift that endures

Thanks for the congrats.
Dreamt last night that she and I
had a little girl

who as an infant
who likes (like her crazy dad)
to drink Tobasco.

To those south and east,
watch out for that weird snow stuff.
Best regards to all.

Thank you for the food.
Many riches in my life
Friends and family.

dang - who as an infant/just loves (like ...). I give thanks this will never be seen by whoever assembles my collected poems...

Rilkefan, congratulations! Though I recommend keeping the tobasco out of reach ;-)


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