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November 03, 2004


Yay. ObWi has been tilted a bit in the last few weeks.

I have no trouble understanding Carson. ;)

Risking a Posting Rules violation here, I swear before all that is only that I thought the thread title said, "Big Dongs." And I wondered just exactly what you were trying to tell us about your new contributor.

Phil, that's the first time I've smiled all day.

We'll let the new guy answer that one for himself.

It's not that irascible character Loe Mane, is it?

With Moe's leaving, our esteemed lefty colleagues (Katherine, Hilzoy, and Edward Underscore) don't merely outsmart Sebastian and I -- they outnumber us.

Well, excepting Katherine, who stands head and shoulders above most bloggers, I'd say the balance of intellect between left and right is about equal: four smart cookies and one ultra-smart cookie. ;-)

Glad you've got a new right-wing blogger for balance, though sorry to hear Moe's not planning to come back. Who will post about Terry Pratchett now?

Ah, Loe Main. Last I saw him, he was noodling ... or was it bowling?

Chicken loe main or pork loe main?

Katherine's a rare talent, I agree.

Ah, Loe Main. Last I saw him, he was noodling ... or was it bowling?

Bowling. He split.

Congratulations on the new addition. Sure hope you guys carefully considered the selection and didn't just grab some random dork.

BTW, whence the idea that Cats is a membership requirement for either left-leaners or smarty pants? Offhand I'd be inclined to put Lloyd Webber, lowbrows, and red-staters in one pile and Sondheim, eggheads, and blue-staters in the other, stereotypically speaking.

KenB --

The Cats reference is double-reverse (secret probation) irony. The thinking is, Cats is such a horrible musical that on us RedState rubes would think that seeing it was a mark of culture.

But, in fairness, Cats is not quite as bad as Miss Saigon -- which very nearly convinced me to kill myself while still in the theater.


Sure hope you guys carefully considered the selection and didn't just grab some random dork.

Heaven forbid. And thanks for leaving practically nothing in the realm of Loe Mane jokes.

And thanks, von, for the rousing intro, although I think you've probably set the bar a bit high. But in Loe Mane's dishonor (and to draw a sharp dividing line between myself and his illustriousness; cutting the noodle as it were) I'm busy making a double batch of ratatouille just now.

Now I've got to RTFM and figure out how this pesky thing works. Not having posted to my own blog hardly ever, I'm a bit rusty.

I'll never cease missing Moe, who is a unique talent.

Is it really true that you've provided Alan Keyes a new job?


Fine choice, glad you took my advice.

Yay. This is a good thing.

And you know, having discovered that the most distressing thing to me about this election is the fact that several million people made their choice solely because of GWB's "Christian values"? this brief and to-the-point endorsement didn't raise my hackles one bit. And today? That's really saying something.

I was happy about Slart but after I read the endorsement, I got worried. Not doing what his Mom said? Is he going to be the anti-Mom member of the group?

concernedly yours
liberal japonicus

Is there no chance of Moe's post-election return? And kudos on SomeRandomDork (evil! he stole my mojo!) attaining the exalted status of Obsidian (Order) Wings; couldn't have happened to a nicer VRWC DeathBeast ;)

Good choice, couldn't agree more, especially from the moment Jesurgislac suggested him!

Good choice, couldn't agree more

Me too. *pats self on back*

I was hopeful the collective mind of ObWings would o'ersway Slarti's modest reluctance, once they really focussed and started the mindbending chants. Slartibartfast is one of the most interesting right-wing regular commentators to ObWing, and he'll add shine and sparkle to the collective.

I, for one, welcome our new Magrathean overlords. I'd like to remind them that as an infrequent commenter, I could be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their fjord factories.

Anarch, Moe might return, but it probably won't be for a while. There's a lot - a lot - on his plate right now, and I'm given to understand that he's burned out not just on politics but on blogging in general.

"And thanks for leaving practically nothing in the realm of Loe Mane jokes."

Naw. Since he's the new guy, he becomes the Loe Mane on the Totem Pole.

Loe Mane, Loe Mane, Loe Mane
now the blog is swollen,

I bow before our new Floridian masters.

Hopefully this comment doesn't land on a dead thread, but I had a question for Von. Is the Des Moines reference just your run of the mill Iowa rube reference (believe me, I am used to them by now) or is there some connection with you in Des Moines? I ask only because I grew up there and lived to tell about it.

And living as I do on a fjord, I fully endorse Slarti as a welcome addition (even though I disagree somewhat politically with him).

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