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November 12, 2004


Wasn't much of an explanation. It was more an attempt to reframe the issue.

Look, McVeigh (by his own accounts) was a gun nut who had come to believe the US Government was out to seize everyone's guns. He came up with the brilliant plan to bomb a federal building in OK City which happened to serve as a branch office for the BATF. Of course, it also housed a day care center as well as other offices. It was McVeigh's belief this act would trigger an uprising against the federal Government, somewhat along the lines of the NRA's favorite book, The Turner Diaries.

It is believed McVeigh obtained the design of his bomb from an online NRA bulletin board. Among the NRA's board of directors are folks like Robert Brown who publishes books like Kill Without Joy and Improvised Explosives: How to Make Your Own and Expedient Hand Grenades.

Perhaps Slart is making the point that the way statistics looks at small numbers like 1 (the square root of which is 1) is different from the way it looks at numbers like 19 (>> sqrt(19)).
On the other hand, I believe a fair chunk of the 19 in question didn't realize they were doing something aimed at mass homicide. Plus McVeigh had help.
Anyway, y'all are burning electrons over anecdotal evidence until you get away from talking about single incidents. See e.g. Jadegold's November 15, 2004 10:49 PM.

Even if he's careless with italics.

someone should post the close dangling html somewhere prominent and permanent.

ok, I give up

Italics Be gone!!!


it sometimes help if you open up the italics again and then close 'em multiple times, rather than just closing them...not sure why.

The point it is relevant to is this one you tried to make:

That wasn't so much a point as me going for the trollbait. I try to resist, but sometimes...that light, it's so beautiful.

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