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October 28, 2004


Well, I'm not sure what Rudy Giuliani's qualifications to opine on military matters are (I'll freely admit to near-zero), but if he thinks this sort of thing is helpful to the BC04 campaign - he should at least try to read the day's talking points before shooting his mouth off (ahh, but then he wouldn't be our Rudy!). IOW, Giuliani has just come out and said what Pres. Bush and his campaign have been dumping all over John Kerry for supposedly saying (he didn't, but never mind) - so I guess "blaming our troops" is now OK?
Jeesh, what a maroon.......

Do you suppose Bush has been giving Giuliani pointers on squandering good will?

hilzoy: One of the things that bothered me about the President's remarks yesterday was that by saying that Kerry was criticizing the troops, he came uncomfortably close to saying that if al Qaqaa was looted after the occupation, it would be their fault, not his. He did not say that, however, and it's a judgment call whether what he did say really does suggest that interpretation.

I think you are being overly generous to Bush. While might not have explicitly said "4", he very clearly said "2+2". Of course, there are plenty of folks who have stubbornly insisted over the past couple of days that the correct sum is "22", but I don't think that is a conclusion that deserves much consideration.

Gromit: maybe so. Despite what blogbudsman thinks, I am trying to be fair. Besides, it's not as though there's a shortage of straightforwardly damning stories just now.

Besides, it's not as though there's a shortage of straightforwardly damning stories just now.

You're right. It's just the rank hypocrisy, not to mention his obvious contempt for the voters' ability to think these things through, which gets to me. Bush needs to re-enter the private sector as soon as possible.

(Note for those of you who don't trust Media Matters: the AP cites the last three sentences, which blame the troops. Transcripts aren't up yet, as far as I can tell.)

Atrios and, though him, Kevin Drum have links to an actual video excerpt of those last three sentences from the Kerry campaign website.

This kind of stupidness is emblematic of our debased media culture.

Rather than getting somebody who knew what the eff he was talking about, like whatsisname from globalsecurity.org or David Albright, they choose to ask Rudy G. about this.

Well what the eff does he know? Clearly, he's going to spin, spin, spin the GOP line no matter what the facts are. So why bother?

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