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October 05, 2004


I'll take this seriously when Bush calls Hastert and asks him to remove the provision, or gets Ridge to do so. If that doesn't happen we can dismiss this letter as yet one more piece of dishonesty by the Administration - maintaining a public face of innocence while supporting the bill in private.

Meanwhile, let's not hold our breath waiting for House Republicans to vote their consciences.

And why hasn't anyone challenged Ridge on this?

This is part of the game as well; not only is the GOP larding up this bill with odious crap in an attempt to get Dems to vote against it--the WH can claim they weren't in favor of it. Plausible deniability.

Bush did the same thing with the Assault Weapons Ban. He said he supported renewal of the ban. Yet, he did nothing to actually support renewing it.


You have done heroic service on this issue, as has Congressman Markey. Keep the light on this disgraceful piece of legislation so that each member's vote gets the attention it merits. This can be turned from a vote "against the 9/11 legislation" if that is the GOP game, to a "vote for torture" - the game the Dems should be playing instead of hiding behind their mother's skirts as most of them often do.

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