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October 09, 2004


Of course this hasn't been signed into law yet, only passed the House--I will edit the title to make that clear. Unfortunately Typepad's down right now.

Thanks for all your hard work, Katherine.

Katherine, when you get a chance, could you clarify something you said in comments to a previous post?

By the way, Bush supported the House version. 3 pages of objections to establish deniability, but he recommended that the House pass the Hastert-DeLay bill & not the amendment to substitute the Senate version. He wants it to go to conference. He is therefore responsible for whatever comes out of the conference.

Is that the Gonzales letter, or another document?

No, it's a document he sent to the House.

I think I have a copy in my email. I'll post it.

Thanks very much, Katherine. This makes me thoroughly pessimistic about the House-Senate reconciliation...

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