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October 04, 2004


I know it's against the rules to generalise, but if you support it, you support it. If your a republican and you vote republican, this is what you vote for. Don't kid yourselves about the shades of morality you would like to draw to imply that you don't.

I am so disgusted by the republican party right now about this and so many other things. Thing is, normally I would be a repulican.

So what happens if the Dems win Nov 2? Say, 60-40? We can stand up and say proudly to the civilized part of the world, "See. Only 40% of Americans voted pro-torture. We really are the Good Guys". It doesn't much matter any more if you're one of the 60% or the 40%, nor what the numbers turn out to be.

Just sickening, really. What more can be said?

What more can be said?


actually, everything. the media isn't covering this at all.

This horror is just one more swing of the sledgehammer against public accountability and public institutions and one more abdication of public leadership on the part of Congress. But enough of the personal despair--email or call your members of Congress and go on record. I did.

Seriously, where is the media?

Google News turns up no major organizations covering extraordinary rendition.

Not the NY Times. Not the Washington Post. Not CNN.

This is an absolute outrage.

Is Iraq one of the countries to which we hope to one day outsource our torture duties?

Is this the message we are sending to pro-Western citizens of Egypt. That the US does not torture, we send people to their country to torture.

How will pro-Western politicians respond to the charge that the US has made it legal to send Arabs to Israel to be tortured?

Kerry and the DNC have not made commercials about this. Have the calculated that they would lose votes by standing against sending people to be tortured? What does it say about America if they're right?

It's not clear to me who Collins is criticizing here. Is it the people who inserted the provisions, or those who oppose them? Her comment could be read either way. She is normally sensible, so I would tend to believe she is opposing the extraordianry rendition provisions. Anybody know more?

I called this tactic in comments here two days ago, and am depressed to be proved right:

I have a hard time believing that Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert are sticking all these provisions in against the will of the administration. Their determination to hold fast this coming week speaks volumes about the real intent of the Bush admin here. As with everything else, they want to use the Sept. 11 reforms as a political club: load the bill with garbage and defy Democrats to oppose it.

It sickens me to know that republicans are using this loophole and trying to make it legal. If we're not going to torture people here, then why are we giving people to countries to be tortured. We are the biggest hipocrypes(im 13 so im not that good at spelling!) in the world!

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