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October 27, 2004


Just so it goes 7.

And it must, because the Cardinals haven't won anything yet. Then, if they only win three, we go 9. Maybe 11. It's like ... oh, nevermind.

Anything to keep the chill-air-of-no-baseball-until- Spring away from me.

Who's going to watch the lunar eclipse tonight?

Every sportswriter looking for a schmaltzy angle about the planets aligning or the moon itself turning red.

Sportswriters aside, I like eclipses, comets, meteor showers, etc. Boston's very cloudy right now though.

I've been more or less pulling for the Red Sox out of sympathy, but now I'm torn -- getting swept in the last 4 would be such a mind-blowing way for them to lose (especially when you throw in the fact that it would require the Cards to win 2 in a row on the road) that part of me wants to see it happen just because. I think it'd really creep everyone out, as it would prove beyond a reasonable doubt the existence of some supernatural sox-hating force in the universe.

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