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October 23, 2004


Wow. I haven't heard a story that so neatly encompasses *both* the "librul media" meme *and* the VRWC meme in one sweet little package. I can't wait to see the Rorschach results of this one...

I suspect Edward, a former Buckeye like me, would probably agree with me that the PD is the worst city newspaper in Ohio, and one of the worst major metropolitan papers in the United States. Under Machaskee (or as he was dubbed by the Cleveland Free Times, "The Snake"), the paper has been little more than an organ for drumming up support for all the tax-subsidized goodies that the Cleveland business community have helped themselves to in the name of "revitalization." Now, a decade or so down the road, and after the years of DLC-style Mayor Mike White, Cleveland is now the poorest big city in America, with a poverty rate of 31.3 percent.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that, if true, this story will not surprise me in the least.

It's interesting, I'll agree: on the one hand, it's Machaskee's paper, not the editors'; on the other, the editors, not Machaskee, are the ones who give the paper whatever value it may have (I don't read it) - and are the ones more likely to have an opinion that's actually of interest to the readers.

I'd say that if Machaskee really, really wants a pro-Bush endorsement (and presuming that the board really voted 5-2 to not do so), he would be well-advised to either write his own editorial in addition to the one made by his editorial board, or else take his current stance to its logical conclusion and fire his editorial board for not producing a paper that's in accordance with his wishes. He'd be even better advised to go with the former option.

Not that they are always the unblemished Fount of Truth, but the discussion threads on DailyKos have a bit more background on the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsement flap which might bear examining. It's not quite a simple case of "Republican Publisher Overrules Democrat Editors". It's complex to get into, but Balkan politics, the Kosovo War, and a gaffe by the Kerry campaign are involved - Help!

Well, their editorials are up, and there's no endorsement. (They did come out against Ohio's proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, though.)

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Bush, even though the news reporting and the Sunday Perspective editorial and opinion section is overwhelming slanted anti-Bush. Similarly, previous editorials "broke" news about the UN Oil-For-Food scandal and the Darfur crisis in Sudan, because the "objective news coverage" parts of the paper did not deign to report about these issues (at least until after the editorial).

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