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October 25, 2004


Will I be the first liberal here to send good wishes to the SCCJ? Hmm.

Well, I'll be the second.

You know rilkefan, that hadn't even occurred to me {{{hanging my head in shame}}}, I assumed he'd be treated and released but possibly not able to return to work and never got around to thinking about him as a human.

thanks for the prompt.


Not that I'm not still guilty of ignoring the man behind the position, but there is now this

[The court's announcment] added he expects to be back at work next week when the court will next be in session.

I'll make it official though:

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Justice Rehnquist!

No other details yet, but I suspect this might energize those who vote for the POTUS with an eye on who gets nominated for SCOTUS.

If this doesn't bring the issue into higher relief, nothing can. My prediction: nothing can.

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