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October 18, 2004


Pat Buchanan and now the KGB endorse George W. Bush.

It's a hell of a gathering. Is there a tax cut of some kind that can be offered to Al Sharpton to join up too so things get so clearly delineated and so pristinely divided that we all know for certain where we all stand?

What's next?

Don't forget Don King!

In fairness, Kerry has his share of embarrassing endorsers too.

Do these people actually think they're helping?

Yeah, Don King.

"Don't forget Kerry has his share of embarrassing endorsers, too."

Yeah, but I'm one of the few left.

By the way, the symmetry between Buchanan and Putin is Abu Gharib. They dig it. Torturing vaguely Semitic-looking people appeals to the two of them.

Cheap shot? You bet.

It is hardly surprising that Putin would lobby for Bush - they are ideological soulmates. Matt Yglesias sums it up as:

the creeping Putinization of American life (the Sinclair incident, the threatening letter to Rock The Vote, the specter of the top official in the House of Representatives making totally baseless charges of criminal conduct against a major financier of the political opposition [shades of Mikhail Khodorovsky], the increasing evidence that the 'terror alert' system is nothing more than a political prop, the 'torture memo' asserting that the president is above the law, the imposition of rigid discipline on the congress, the abuse of the conference committee procedure, the ability of the administration to lie to congress without penalty, the exclusion of non-supporters from Bush's public appearances, etc.)


Relax. Putin supports Bush in this election and thinks that Islamic terrorists don't want Bush to win. So what? I am sure you have the same contempt for all the folks in Western Europe who publicly detest the Hallichimperor.

Putin is dangerously consolidating power and acting like a dictator. He may have to be dealt with in the future. Right now, we have a bigger problem.

Oh, and making jokes about Eastern Europeans as drunks really helps your case.

After all, Putin and Bush both practice and believe in "Pinochet-style" democracy...

"I think his vodka-soaked cerebellum has, finally, totally pickled."

Could you be thinking of Yeltsin? Putin is supposedly a teetotaller, or nearly. (Hmm, perhaps that was part of his soul-appeal to Bush.)

so that he can curl up there and sniff the crotch of the leader of the free world.

This truly is beneath you Edward. I hope you're feeling better soon.

I find that a bit of sushi with waaaaaay too much wasabi always gets the, er, juices flowing...

I thought this was an echo of Tucker Carlson's comment to Jon Stewart.

I thought this was an echo of Tucker Carlson's comment to Jon Stewart.

That was the tone I was going for (perhaps watched that clip once too often). Sorry if it offended you Crionna. Humor is probably best not attempted while overantihistamined.

Humor is probably best not attempted while overantihistamined.

Or to those not in the know ;) No offense taken Edward. Hope you're better soon.

I wanted to check the date on that story, but the link only gets:

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

The story or page you were trying to access may have expired.

The story says
"International terrorism has as its goal to prevent the election of President Bush to a second term," he said.
Could you give a link for this story that works, please, Edward? And the date it was first posted? And where/how you found it might be interesting.

Oh, whoops, ancient thread. My mistake.

I have to ask, how'd you find your way back here, Gary?

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