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October 13, 2004


Ugh, now that is disgusting. And further proof that subsidies just never die.

I am unsurprised to see this pass through this Congress. More than any in my living memory, our current collection of Congresscritters seems to have little or no concept of fiscal prudence, nor of the notion that all this money they're spending (or revenue they're removing, which amounts to the same thing) has to come from somewhere.

The real question is, given the number of conservatives who have understandable problems with the way Congress and this administration have been spending, will Bush exercise some good sense by exercising his veto pen?

If they were cutting taxes across the board, that would be merely irresponsible. But this sort of targeted special deals takes us into the realm of cronyism.

Whores. Hey, at least Zell Miller got his ceiling fans.

BTW, is that $50 billion figure right? I thought it was $5.6.

So did I.

You're right, it is 5.6. I will edit it in a moment. But what's interesting is that I had thought so too. I was working off newspaper articles, the topmost one was a NYT editorial (link) that said $50 billion; I checked it against the next one (LA Times), since I had remembered $5 billion, and it said $50 too, so I figured I was wrong. As best I can tell, thought, it is $5.6 billion. I can only conclude that either they are talking about very different things, or typos are endemic.

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