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October 05, 2004


And Abu Gharib was just "a few bad apples."

Seems that torture has in fact become official Bush Administration policy, since the US Supreme Court and others have made it inconvenient to do it in US facilities.

The LA Times has an editorial about extraordinary rendition today.

I am torn between really appreciating the L.A. Times moral stance and wishing they would get a clue, read the Washington Post, or do a Lexis Nexis search:

"Arar, now back in Ottawa, may not be the only terror suspect so treated. CIA agents are believed to be holding as many as 100 so-called "ghost" detainees in Iraq. Their names and locations and the conditions under which they are held are secret — contrary to international law governing prisoners of war. Some off-the-books prisoners may have been packed off to Yemen or Pakistan for the bare-knuckles treatment."

There is no "may" about it.

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