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October 04, 2004


I watched the program on Dateline which appeared on Link TV channel. In U.S, Dish network Channel#9410.

It has similarities to when Mordecai Vanunu 'spilt the beans' on Israel's nuclear option.

The process of 'extraordinary rendition' has to be the biggest miscarriage of justice pursued by hypocritical Governments. This interview just confirms stories told by former prisoners also accused of aiding Al Qaeda.

I echo the sentiments aired by the former C.I.A legal advisor that the Australian Government is in a precarious legal situation because they failed to protect an Australian citizen from being tortured.

Also with the U.S Government's case against Jose Padilla ( a U.S citizen- accused of being an operative for Al Qaeda) who was arrested on U.S soil. Recently, the US Supreme court has ruled against the U.S Federal Govt's case.

Another complication in U.S law; if it is found that the Government released a suspect to an entity/individual/ organization they know WON'T follow acceptable human-rights laws; then they are also infringing U.S. Federal Law.

It questions their entire role in the situation. If they were informed, present or had custody over him at any point. They are responsible. Like the Abu Gharib scandal in Iraq.

The precense of an Australian during the questioning sessions at Pakistan, Egypt places the entire situation in a new light.

When the Aussie's Attorney General ( who apparently was lying through his teeth- This was observed from his frequent swallowing during the course of the interview and his evasivenes to straight questions, using cookie cutter responses that border on "filibustering".)

E.g. I'm not at liberty to comment on that.
Or, We never confirm or deny intelligence matters when questioned by the correspondent about the case.

He defended the practice of the intelligence service doing 'whatever necessary' to obtain crucial information. He added a disclaimer, that Australia is fundamentally against the use of torture. That international protection which Australia is a signatory.

He avoided the question by the correspondent on the Government's legal methodology of torturing people to obtain information on a regular basis.

The A.G went on to dispute the allegations that Australian officals had any knowledge of Habib being held in Egypt. However a Fax received by Habib's family in Sydney from the Australian Government disclosed to the family; that Habib was in Egypt and they( Aussie Govt.) had no idea of the circumstances of him being there.

That contradicts A.G's statements on Dateline.

Furthermore whe being questioned in Egypt, interrogators asked Habib on details of Phone contacts he used on a SIM card purchased in Australia.

If the Australian Government wasn't aware of his precense in Egypt. How did that knowledge find it's way to their own Fax. Or the phone contacts obtained in Australia. How did this get into Egyptian hands?

When evidence used to incriminate someone, it is prudent to identify the sources of infomation. The Aussie officials have used it against Habib but can't justify, how they obtained it.

Isn't that circular logic? Like the reason to invade Iraq without concrete proof. In essence, 'He said-She said'.

The more the Australian Governemnt denies these charges, the more information is uncovered on their double-standards.

The hypocricy of some Governments to single out minor infractions of international protocol by rogue nations, yet when major breaches are made by 'democratic countries'- everyone from the Politicians to the Free-press, plays dumb.

This behavior does nothing but create generations of more enemies. In a nutshell it just over-turns lessons learnt in Counter Revolutionary Warfare-101 ( That's counter-insugerncy operations in U.S, S.F lingo.)

It all adds up. Australian is closely following the U.S model of foreign policies.

If the Australian Government has the nerve to claim most of East-Timor's disputed oil shelf. Habib's case is just a walk in the park.

Anyone see the parallels of Iraq and East-Timor?

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