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October 04, 2004


Legislative process question: Can the authors of the Senate bill be excluded from the conference committee?

It's Lieberman and Susan Collins. Lieberman, for all his flaws, is very good on immigrants' rights, and Collins is one of the more moderate Republicans in Congress. Both have said they want to stick closely to the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. I can't imagine they'd support this provision.

But I don't know if they'll get a say.

It is probably worth it for any Mainers and...Connecticutians? to write to them.

The torture outsourcing provisions are still there.

The posting rules prevent me from fully expressing my feelings about this.

It's up to both the majority and minority leaders who's appointed to the conference from their own parties. Usually it's comprised of members of the relevant committees that considered the bill in each chamber.

I am utterly disgusted. This is what we have come to.

I emailed my Congresscritter, Jo Ann Davis, about it when I saw the first post. Got a completely unhelpful form letter back, "blah blah blah, share your concerns, blah blah blah, full respect for civil rights blah blah blah, etc." with no details, mention of what I had sent my letter about, or anything else. Which is less than surprising for a Republican in a "safe" seat in rural Virginia, but. I could transcribe the full text if I can find the letter, if you'd like it. I emailed again when I got the form letter, haven't gotten a reply about that one yet.

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