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October 25, 2004


are thankful to the
gracious host

Ellen Ripley was
Also a good host, and just
Look where that got her

Ripley got to put
her green-nailed hand deep into
Winona Ryder...

Was that before or
After she was Gatekeeper?
There is only Zuul

when the posts bring
dread, moe clears his poor head with
a memorial thread.

November 2nd
Won't come soon enough for Moe.
Meantime lawyers wait.

Haikus are all fine.
Solicit true reflections -
Unleash the limericks

A major drawback
with writing limericks is
they require real work.

So much easier
to count syllables than to
come up with good rhymes.

It's not as if it's
Iambic Pentameter.
What's three little rhymes?

Haiku's advantage:
You'll never want for a word
that rhymes with "orange"

In the post-debate spinning, John Kerry
Found the Bush team's attacks rather scary.
"The Cheneys are ticked,
I wish I had picked
Some other example than Mary."

Devolving the thread into politics
By indulging in off-topic limericks
Is remarkably crass
Hey! Let's kick his ass!
And string him up high on a crucifix


*runs fast*

Some folks would say that
"Porridge" can rhyme with "orange"
But they would be wrong

There was a young man from ObWings
Who said the most outrageous things
"Would I vote for John Kerry?"
Then to be quite contrary
Said "Bush: a true king among kings."

Breaching etiquette
Pristine Haiku jam is spoiled
Mo, new thread's too late!

They're not really wrong
"porrige" rhyming with "orange"
can be called "slant rhyme"

A spelling error
In the host's name must be a
380 tonne faux pas

Slant rhyme is allowed
Then the final line above
Requires elision

Sorry to be hi-faluting, but in honor of the electioneering season

The night has almost left
but in a puddle
remains a sliver of the moon

mijikai yo ya
asase ni nokoru
tsuki ippen

Kerry pronounces
"error" so it rhymes with "pas"
just to help Yermum.

mou isshuu
aki no dokusou
yuuzei ga

Just one more week
left in fall's poisonous blossom
the election season

haiku can imbue
any seventeen syllables
with false gravity

bonus haiku:
no politics please
five minutes without b******t
my headache is gone

double bonus haiku:

or eighteen.

The Bush family's matriarch mother
Said "Boys, take good care of each other!"
But if Jeb doesn't push
Dubya's out on his tush
What a feeble excuse for a brother!

For a long time I avoided dejection;
the only real threat was ejection
because each night on Fox
twenty five hirsute Red Sox
helped me forget this ^&^%@^$ election.

Katherine, I'm having a hard time with the scansion of that last line -- how many syllables in "^&^%@^$"?

The Yanks were as charming and zany
as Paul Wolfowitz or Dick Cheney
but they got the job done,
led three games to none;
Bostonians suffered insanely.

Yo xanax! How are things?
Do you think Kerry has a
chance to win AZ?

Two syllables. (f**cking was what I had in mind.)

But Rivera walked Amish porn star
Jebediah Obadiah Millar.
Then Dave Roberts stole,
Bill Mueller found a hole,
and Big Papi hit the ball far.

In game five it was Ortiz again,
at the end of 14 in the Fens.
Game six had bloody socks,
failed karate chops,
and six umpires making amends.

(f**cking was what I had in mind.)

When did "flocking" become a naughty word?

see, I can't count asteriks, that's why it's safer to just ^%&[email protected]%^%$^@%$ do that.

(f**cking was what I had in mind.)

Maybe it's just me
but some things beg to be read
absent their context

ObWings just needs a few days
'Til the end of th'electoral phase
If there is no more Bush
To the center we'll push
And say 'ciao' to divisive malaise.

howdy hilzoy: Pima County (southern Arizona) will vote decisively for Kerry but doubtful it will suffice to offset the voting in the republican Disneyland of Maricopa County (Phoenix). In the bigger picture, Kerry wins handily (regardless of Florida's shenanigans). I predict Ohio, Penn., Wisconsin & Minnesota all go blue. Final tally:
282 blue, 256 red. Just a hack's prediction.

Well, that settles it.

I hope it's not because I misspelt your name...

Oh, and hilzoy, while were at it, a can of baked beans on the Sox in six.

Whoa. If I just did that, I'm quitting, too. Let me know, Moe. If my interactive skills have become that f***ed up, it's time to go.

sorry, make that "while we're at it..." arrggh...

Whoa. Can't say I didn't see it coming. So long, Moe, and thanks for all the fish, er, threads. You'll be missed.

So long mon amis
thou polite centrist blogger
too much so it seems

There once was a man named Crionna
whose name didn't rhyme with a thing
he tried to be polite
but ended up in some fights
and contributed to Moe's tiring.

Sorry Moe. Best wishes on your pending nuptials.

Therefore to thee this night
I will no requiem raise
But waft thee on thy flight
With a paean of old days

- Edgar Allen Poe (from memory, so I might be a word or two off)

I too am deeply sorry to see you go, Moe. May your other endeavours provide you with the fun and joy to which you are deserving.

My farewell haiku keeps going sour - screw it. Thanks Moe, and sunlight on your path.

Say it ain't so, Moe!
Even ObWings jumped the shark
This bitter autumn?

Moe Lane, Partisan
Who hates Partisanship. Sue him.
But really, admire

Moe can take no more.
No surprise, but tragedy--
we need more like him

Moe? Gone? Oh. Sorry
is inadequate: you'll
be missed much, Moe.

October surprise?
ObWings has lost its Moejo.
We're much the poorer.

I don't think I've ever posted here before but I feel I must delurk to say Thanks Moe. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts very much for the past year or so and I wish you every joy in days to come

Without being close-minded.
We will miss you, Moe.

Words fail me.
All I can say is
bummer, Moe.

Concluding the same
though I have cried wolf before.
Sorry for harsh words.

We'll always have
iambic pentameter.
Vaya con dios.

Since i'm genetically incapable of rhyming, i'll wish you bon voyage with a line from the Doors:

Mr. MoJo rising . . .

thanks for letting me play in the sandbox, and best of luck with your pending marriage.


Moe is signing off -
Does this mean we can curse now?
Joking. All the best.

Forlorn, Moe is gone
and has a bellyfull.
Still hungry?

P.S. I wish you the very best in life and love.

The blog will be the poorer without your being a part of it, Moe. While you hold a number of opinion I don't share, I can respect how you came to believe as you do, and the integrity of your beliefs.

May your married life bring you and your fiancee nothing but joy.

Job's kept me away.
I return, but there's no Moe.
Obsidian Wings?

Jeb Bush and friends have a crime knack.
So his urge to purge voters came back
Washingtons? No few!
Lincolns? Them too!
He knows they're all felons, they're black!

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