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October 01, 2004


I love Google's autobot">http://www.zeit.de/&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%2522Die%2BZeit%2522%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26ie%3DUTF-8">autobot translation from German to English:

WM poster: 50,000 humans on the official poster of the soccer world championship 2006 co-ordinated. The football star picture does not encounter everywhere inspired resonance. Does it meet your taste?
-Ja, thus Germany needs to be ashamed not.
-Nein, it is unimaginative.
-Ich gladly with would have co-ordinated. Where was the competition announced?

I love autobot translations, actually. Who else plays with Babel Fish?

Big time.

The most fun is taking an english page (like the frontpage of espn.com), going into another language, and coming back.

More election shenanigans?
On the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer today two articles stand out. Keep in mind the swing state status of Ohio.

"Error will force Hamilton County to reissue 17,500 absentee ballots"


"Feds puzzled by sheriff's terror alert: Contrary to Leis' warning, threat has not escalated"

English to Dutch to French to German to English: And likewise we're accomplishes this liberty strategy parce qu'autour of the world, I understands the free nations verschrikking rejects. The free nations will answer l'espoir and the aspirations of their people. The free nations are wanted to reach to help us our peace.

Bush loses debate.

Mount St. Helens erupts.

I question the timing!!

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Does al Zawari's recent tape about fighting on whether leadership is gone or not tip off an October Surprise?

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