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October 20, 2004


I guess my secret identity is out, but I don't want this site to be google-able during my job search...

Why not? I freely confess I don't understand the byzantine intricacies of applying for legal jobs, but it seems that you could easily cite everything you've written here with pride...

Congrats Katherine!!!

But, er, that site has a different name for you...

I'm confused

OH, nevermind...figured it out now...

I'm gonna take another day off I think.

Congrats again though!!

I'm gutted. Next we'll be hearing Edward's surname's not really Underscore.

I have to admit, my real name is not Jesurgislac.

That's it, I'm never reading this blog again. I mean, I had my doubts about 'Holsclaw', but 'Jesurgislac'? That's as American as Apfelkuchen.

It's as French as French toast, actually.

PS: Congratulations, Katherine.

"That's as American as Apfelkuchen."


And congrats on the article, too: we shall now all do the Obsidian Wings Gunslinging Kitten Dance of Joy. Cue the Tejano music!


*breaks off from dancing to express the sentiment that it's encouraging Katherine's viewpoint can reach as wide an audience as it is now doing*

*returns to dancing*


Enjoy some Apfelsinesaft from the Florida Sunshine Tree. It'll help, trust me.

At risk of creeping Katherine out, it does mean one can also congratulate her on moving writing such as this.

But it's not as if it would have been hard to track her down previously, anyway.

This is why I post under my real name, and anyone who wants knows my address and phone number. a) People can usually figure that stuff out anyway unless one is willing to never say anything at all personal online, ever; b) I'm not going to give in to cowards who would make wrongful use of this (not that, as yet, in well more than a decade of being online and prominently so, anyone yet has, though it's always a possibility, of course). And, yeah, it might affect employment sometime. Fugg it (modified to blog sensibilities); I'm not willing to hide (not meant to imply anything untoward to all y'all who go a different way). Life is too short.

Congrats to Katherine!

(Is it okay if I sit out the dance? Health reasons, and anyway, you'd all point and laugh, in any case. I'll sit over here, drink punch, applaud, and twitch my foot back and forth in time to the music.)

Congratulations on the acquisition of a last name! They make filling out forms much easier. And great article, too!

Careful now. Don't let your incipient media stardom dissuade you from becoming a wealthy, rapacious trial lawyer seeking to cement the ABA's control over our precious bodily fluids.

"Congratulations on the acquisition of a last name! They make filling out forms much easier."

When I lived in Germany I knew a guy from Indonesia who had only a first name, Suminto. This isn't possible (legal?) in Germany, so on forms he put down "Suminto Ohne" [S. Without].

I am interviewing with the D.O.J., and they are not strictly non-partisan in their hiring. This article may do me in anyway but it seemed worth the risk given that they probably won't hire me anyway. I think there's a chance they don't read the American Prospect web edition and do Google.

Linked to you here, Katherine.

Nate over at polytropos.org just posted the other day about going through security clearance check for a government job, Katherine, and he's been of the same political line in his blog as thee and me. He did say they never seemed to have googled him, but friends interviewed about him were asked "does he support the President?" (which, of course, is supposed to be verboten, but big surprise). They were most puzzled by this "RPGing" thing he did, and needed to have his support for overthowing the government of the Empire in Star Wars explained, though. See here for an amusing read. (See Nate's other posts for political context; he's an enjoyable blogger in general, if not immensely prolific, given his new child; Moe, he posts on gaming a lot, which you might enjoy, though you won't agree with his political views.)

On some level I would hope that a DOJ background check would be able to pick up the website, but I will admit that government incompetence runs rampant. :)


Congratulations, Katherine! It's well deserved.

p.s. "Law student in Boston" (!) Your law school is in Cambridge, methinks -- but extra points for modesty.

"...but I will admit that government incompetence runs rampant."

The point I (apparently) part company with Sebastian is the classic conservative implication that somehow government is more inherently or typically incompetent than corporations, or humans in general. This is observedly not so, as anyone who has ever dealt with a large corporation or been helped by someone who works for the government, can testify. It's just dogma to say or believe otherwise. (Of course, there is wide variance in how competent/attentive any specific corporation or, say, local U.S. government, is.)

So my link and yours made this, at this instant, the top entry on the Memeorandum "newfirst listing. (The fact that you identified yourself as the author here, by the way, I sorta am sorry to point out to you, since it doesn't seem to have occurred to you, means that anyone with any Google ability, can identify you with everything "Katherine R." has ever written that doesn't have a bot hiding it and hasn't been expunged from Google, the Internet Archive, and various other spots. But this sort of thing is impossible to do, anyway, as I noted. Um, sorry. The good news is that, really, most people are incompetent with Google [though, fortunately, not the murdersous insurgents in Iraq I blogged on last night].)

Excellent work - keep it up!

Look, it's extraordinary rendition humor.

By the way, JE Sux.

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