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September 03, 2004


For hilzoy:

Red-footed Falcon
Abandons Martha's Vineyard
Watch out for Frances

Seems Jamaican beer,
even if it's ginger beer,
sucks with Chinese food.

is it labor day?
I was not aware of that;
thanks for the info.

For Moe:

If politics wearies,
Then why not blog on women
or beer or road trips?

Politics brings hits;
Both page and emotional.
But who needs either?

OK, ya pedant:
It's Labor Day Weekend.
Happy now, praktike?


PS: Road tripping
when combined with Beltway: hell.
Women... erm. Girlfriend.

I am pedantic.
That's what all the ladies say.
But I still get laid.

Mostly beer;
May I have a vodka tonic?
Then more beer.

Hamptons are calling
Only a fool would drive out
Jitney, here I come!

Another weekend
Spent doing nothing useful.
Grad school forever.

You east coast jingoes
have it all wrong. We're going
Camping. On the beach

We'd not lose you to
the morass of politics;
So go and rest, friend.

Ginger beer tasting bad?
Oh no, Reeds is shitty brand
Cock N'Bull is best

Thanks for the advice -
I was in fact drinking Reeds.
"CockNBull in stock?"

Ginger beer is good
But add rum -- dark or clear -- for
Dark And Stormy joy.

Bought this weird shandy
For Master and Commander* -
Not bad, but not great.


*Finally sat down
To watch - excellent flick, but
Stephen too handsome.

Some people pay for
Dermabrasion; I prefer
Tiny kitten tongues.

For a moment there,
hilzoy, thought "Dermabrasion"
was a Scotch, and blanched.

It's nice to sit back
With cats after a long day;
Still, I do not drink them.

Non de gustibus
And not kittens either, right?
disputandum est.

Damn you, rilkefan!
You've seen through my clever dodge.
There's no fooling you.

Well, it's not your fault.
Poetry lays bare the truth,
Beautiful or not.

Can't reply just now;
PETA's coming to get me,
Thanks to poetry.

Cute tongueless kittens
cannot cry out for justice.
No mercy, PETA.

Girlfriend dragging me
away - damned vacation - like
hilzoy to the block.

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