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September 27, 2004


It's rampant incompentency on such a colossal scale that makes me wonder about ever giving the government power again...

From that Time story, it's hard to tell what the heck is even supposed to be going on, not to mention what actually is going on. It could be that:

1. The "Youssouf Islam" on the list was supposed to be Kat Stevens, and the error was that he was allowed on the plane

2. The "Youssouf Islam" on the list was supposed to be some other guy, and the error was that they deported Kat Stevens

3. Some combination of the above (perhaps the other guy is also known as Yusuf Islam)

I think the funniest take on it so far comes from Matt Yglesias.

Forget Cat Stevens.

How do we get Celine Dion onto the "no fly" list?

Names are funny. I don't know who "Kat Stevens" is, myself. (Though I have no trouble believing it's supposed to refer to some entirely other person, who has a who different set of associations and history.)

I know a guy who wrote all these songs, and went on to be Yusuf Islam. don't associate him with "Kat Stevens," though. Ask me the question fresh, and that's what I'd say, with no disenguousness. "Do you know a 'Kat Stevens' associated with Islam" "nope," I'd say. Ask me about Cat Stevens, and you'd get a whole different answer from me.

My making the connection would be iffy, and depend upon an actual connection being made between the two.

I bet the federal computer system has more Asperbergers' syndrome than I do.

Basically, I have tons of info filed in my head under "Cat Stevents." None under "Kat Stevens." It's unclear to me why I should associate famouse guy A with "who?" B.

i love your song farther + son

kat stevens , is a dick,,,,,

i love your songs kat

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