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September 13, 2004


Perhaps a kimchi recipe gone horribly awry?

DPRK are saying they blew up a mountain as part of a hydroelectric project.

They've apparently invited a British diplomat to visit the site.

Kimchi, even under the best of circumstances, goes awry. It's in the recipe. Bolgogi is much more palatable.

I know what it was: this.

Seriously, the only reliable verification/denial we're going to get is from seismologists, with (possibly) some NEST or similar (NEA and affiliated groups, probably) group later testing the fallout path for radiation. If we're keeping an eye on them, we might choose to not reveal just how much we can see.

Well, it's been confirmed one of our chaps in the Ministry is going in, so if he comes out glowing, we'll know something's up.

Condoleeza Rice said yesterday that they know it wasn't nuclear and it may have been a forest fire.
A 2 and a half mile wide mushroom cloud coming from a forest fire?
How stupid are we supposed to be?
It may not be nuclear - like they would tell us if it were, considering the election and the whole "axis of evil" thing - but to mention a forest fire is just insulting.

The mushroom cloud, so far as I know, has not been entirely confirmed in terms of shape.

Indeed, it may have been in the shape of another fungus entirely. Perhaps some sort of bracken, or athlete's foot.

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