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August 12, 2004


Mia Hamm is going to kick your butt solidly for that, Moe. Even getting mentioned by name in the Fafblog won't save you.

Mia Hamm is going to kick your butt solidly for that, Moe.

Shhhh...this was secretly his goal, all along.

On the topic of sports... I've been reading a fair bit the last few days about speculation about possible booing of the US teams or the US anthem in the Olympics because of recent world events.

I have to say that I seriously hope that this isn't the case - I hope that any louts who make the choice to boo are drowned by cheers to make up for it. And if not, let me, as a furriner who doesn't care for the Bush administration, and who detests the ongoing war in Iraq, say how sorry I am, and how embarrassed I will be for any unfair negative displays that may occur.

Having said that, I'm almost certain it won't happen. In my experience, Americans are generally well-liked, regardless of the opinions of the government. Michael Totten's recent trip report from Tunesia being a great example, and an enjoyable read.

Piss off Moe. The genie is already out of the bottle, and given the talent coming up in the U20 ranks, we will probably see the semis in WC 2006 and final of WC 2010. At least, that is the plan.

That said, the failure to qualify for this olympic round was a major surprise and disappointment, but it just reinforced the fact that no matter how talented we have become, football is a fickle game and youngsters can fall flat as a team on any given day.

Also, as we gradually lose our edge at baseball and basketball its just fine that we take up the slack somewhere else.

Not only is the upset of Portugal very cool, but the coach said something like, "America ruined my country" and that's really cool too. I don't agree with the ass, but it's really cool that feels free to say that. Yeah FREE.

I'm pretty sure he'd be free to say 'America ruined my country' under Saddam, too. The question is whether he can currently say 'Allawi sucks' and get away with it. And whether he'll be able to say it in a year. That's his measure of freedom and I doubt anyone here knows the answer.

Go Iraq!


More starters on the US Men's National Team play in more leagues in Europe (France, Germany, England, Holland) than do starters on England's Men's National Team (England, Germany, Spain).

Waffle is right; the genie is out of the bottle, not to mention Michael N.'s straightening you out on Mia Hamm.

I was happy for Iraq's team also, but Portugal has had a weak spot for teams they are "supposed to beat." The US beat them in WC 2002 and Greece beat them twice in this year's European Championship.

Football in the Olympics is very unpredictable. Brazil also did not qualify for this year's men's soccer tournament and they have never won the gold in that event, in stark contrast to 5 WC titles.

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